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  1. Hopeton, thanks for the info. I just ordered the extended safety.
  2. Glad to know that works for compliance because I have the same set up.
  3. Take a look at War Dog Safes too. http://www.wardogsafe.com
  4. I wouldn't say a lot more weight but yes it is heavier. For me this a home defense weapon so if I go running out the room with it I can only "play with what I brung". No extra magazines to tote so I have to have it mounted to the weapon. I also have a 2 round SA forward shell carrier with 2 slugs on the forend and Aimpoint Pro up top. I feel pretty good with the set up but once I went through the rounds I'd throw it down and get started with my xdm 45 (13rds). I would not go out without the 45 as a backup. It's a tradeoff, a little more weight for added firepower. I'm not working out with it. I'm going to put as much metal downrange as I can in a short period of time. Weight isn't that big an issue. Others have their take on it but this is mine. The fit and finish is OUTSTANDING and the thing is built to last. Not a cheap add on. This is quality. Yes I have the mod 3 but it is 6 shells with the integrated rail. Pictures aren't that great. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2285[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2286[/ATTACH] I hope someone else chimes in with their take on the other options.
  5. I have the side armor and love it. Not only is it very secure but you can remove it easily. A year from now you won't remember the price but you'll know if you made the wrong selection. My .02
  6. And all this time I thought the M4 was a forgiving shotgun. Never have problems firing it. My bad.
  7. BG, being prior service there are a lot of job options open to you, even in this market. Try usajobs and also hit your local VA office to find out which govt depts are looking for in your area. If you haven't already sign up for your VA medical benefits (I know its not John Hopkins but it beats not being insured). If you'd like to contract there are even more opportunities worldwide. That DD214 is a passport to worldwide job options. In the last four years I've done 2 in Kuwait, 1 in Taiwan and have been to Russia/Kazakhstan 3 times. Good money and tax free if you stay long enough. Then you can keep your M4. I think they still consider Marines military service. LOL Good luck.
  8. I enjoy shooting my M4 a lot more than my Daniel Defense, though I can see how it may be taxing on you. Also, like SD said, the cost of ammo for ARs is ridiculous.
  9. Ordered last week and it came in today.
  10. TG, call Sidearmor and order it. He may have gotten some in this week. Also, if you're a vet let him know and he takes off 15%. That covers the shipping. Hope it helps.
  11. CSPCRX, usually when its that hot there's a fire involved. Get out of there. LOL I don't miss that heat, got 2 years of it in the middle east.
  12. Ok guys, you can finally get a good nights rest knowing I'm 922® compliant. I know some of you were concerned about me being 1 piece short of compliance. Got the hammer installed and now looking forward to hitting the range this week.
  13. Glad you guys were able to scoop these up. I dropped mine off today to get it installed. Didn't want to risk it. Hope to have it back next week.
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