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  1. I have a Trijicon RMR02 and need to purchase a mount for my Benelli M4. Does anyone have experience with either the RM34 or the RM33 Trijicon mounts? I replaced the factory rail with a sidearmor 6 shell holder detachable rail. Note sure if its the exact same height or not... I am leaning towards ordering the RM33 (low profile) mount in hopes to have a cowitness. Has anybody ran this setup on the M4? If so, what mount would you recommend? Thanks in advance for your feedback!
  2. Thanks. Once I decide which direction I will be going I will let you know...
  3. My first choice is to go with the OEM c-stock, but I just don't want to take apart the trigger components for the 922r deal. What if any 4 parts did you install, and do you have any recommendations? I already have the FFT tube and follower...
  4. Thanks so much StangerDanger! I just got off the phone with promag and they are sending me a new c-stock (was impressed with the customer service). I think you are right that it should function just fine with the oem pin and button. I just need to figure out if those parts will fit into the promag setup....
  5. Alright alright. I made a mistake...but now I am in need of your input about the condition of the factory recoil tube, before I spend the money on the factory c-stock and make the required 922r changes. What are your thoughts, does the wear look normal, will a factory c-stock run well on that recoil tube?
  6. Yes, if it wasn't for the 922r stuff I would not have hesitated to buy the factory c-stock. Now I have decided to do it the right way, my only concern is the recoil tube wear. Does it look normal to you? Thanks in advance for your input!
  7. Thanks for all the quick feedback guys! I noticed that I left out a very important fact. The c-stock is a Promag, which I purchased to avoid the 922r trigger group switchover. It has worked well for several years, but now that you mentioned the roll pin, it does show wear and some metal shavings have came off. Additionally, the 3rd position groove on the recoil tube has been smoothed out on the right side (likely from the damaged roll pin). So now the dilemma is, will I have the same issue with a new factory Benelli stock? Also, if I go that route I will need to replace 2 additional factory parts with US made parts to be 922r compliant... Or I can always put back on the factory fixed stock which I still have and the recoil tube will be a non-issue. I just really prefer the form and function of the c-stock. Now that I have included the pics and more detail, do you think the factory stock will run fine on this recoil tube? If so, I will probably keep the promag grip and replace the hammer and the fore end in order to be 922r compliant.
  8. I have been running the c-stock for several years now and recently while shooting heavier loads it has been moving forward and getting stuck in between the 2nd and 3rd positions and slightly to the right side. After forcing it back into place and continuing to use it for a few days, I removed the stock to look at the recoil tube and found that the 3rd position groove was been worn down a little bit. Has anyone else experienced this? I am thinking that the remedy would be to purchase a new 3-position recoil tube... Any input would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello, I have been using my trusty M4 for several 3 gun tournaments lately and its been running extremely well. However, on some stages I shoot around 30 shells in about 60 seconds and have burnt my hand a few times. I wound rather not wear gloves and the only heat shield I see available online is the ATI setup which requires using their forend as well. Can anyone point me in the direction of a high quality and reliable heat shield for this weapon? Thanks in advance!
  10. Sorry I thought I put the price in the headline. Anyways if you are interested I will sell it for $60 shipped payment via paypal. Let me know if you are interested.... [email protected]
  11. Hello all, Promag Tactical Forend for Benelli M4 Promag item #PM253 ***MADE IN USA, AND COUNTS AS ONE 922R COMPLIANT ITEM*** The package came with a collapsible stock and this tactical forend, I only needed the collapsible stock... I opened the package, removed the stock and resealed the package, leaving the tactical forend brand new and uninstalled. It has a rail on the 3, 6, and 9 O' clock positions. See attached pics! email me at [email protected] if interested
  12. Does it feel like a lot more weight when loaded with 8 shells, or do you notice a difference when it is not loaded with shells, compared to without the entire shell holder system? Do you have the mod 3 version (newest)? Also, how does the rail hold up? Do you have any optics mounted to it that have been in constant use? Thanks for your input!
  13. I am in the market for a shell holder for the M4 and was hoping to hear from those of you that have had extensive experience with the options out there today. I would prefer the 8 shell holder, since it would always have a complete reload handy. These are the 3 that seem to be on the market today... *Mesa Tactical *Tacstar *Side Armor tactical systems The Side Armor product appears to be the best option (and of course the most expensive), but I would love to hear any and all feedback from the forum! Thanks for looking! http://www.sidearmor.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=46_48&products_id=114&zenid=rfsatl3rn527ou97sddng2lh37
  14. Looks good. Mine should be here today on maybe Monday! Do you have any tips for putting it on that fast? Did you have to use a heat gun? I don't have one and was hoping to get away with using a hair dryer... BTW. Great choice of weapons, I also own the Colt 6940LE and recently added the Eo tech G33 and 516, I highly recommend those optics!
  15. Hello all, I am ready to add some features to my stock M4 (11707), that will also comply with 922®. I use it for 3 gun every now and then, which allows up to 8 shells before the bell, so the 7+1 is valuable to me. In addition, I just feel that my M4 is not quite complete w/out the C-stock... These are the two routes that I am considering: OPTION 1 FFT full-length mag tube in s/s $159.99 FFT trigger package (hammer, trigger, disconnector) $149.99 Benelli C-stock $350 or so... This package includes the 4 922® compliance parts needed. TOTAL COST $660 or so OPTION 2 FFT full-length mag tube in s/s $159.99 FFT follower $24.99 ProMag C-stock(pic looks like a copy of the Benelli c-stock) $180 This package includes the 3 922® compliance parts needed. TOTAL COST $365 I know that the titanium tube weights about 150g less, but the s/s weights less than the stock tube and costs $80 less, so I'm okay with that. All I really want to add is the full-size mag tube and the C-stock the other items are just being added to fulfill the 922® laws. I would love to hear some feedback from those of you who have had experience with these parts or manufacturers. Which route should I go? Are these wise options or do you know of better ones? Thanks in advance for your input!
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