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  1. i have the AMSEC under the bed safe and love it. the width on the amsec is actually 4" wider, monster vault actually has a deeper safe
  2. i used them 2 wks ago, i live about 30 mins from them and received my order the same exact day that i ordered it. but ive ordered from them probably about 3 times and that was the only time that it happened
  3. botachtactical should be getting them end of this month or next month
  4. I like lumaforce, I have it on my colt m4. Twice as bright as my surefire & half the price
  5. As of right now I just want to put a vertical grip on it with a light
  6. This is the kz rail system before the install & how it looks installed
  7. I started a wtb m80 thread wks ago
  8. Good luck, I'm in the same boat. I finally ordered one off botachtactical.com for about $175 after taxes & shipped but it won't get here till Oct
  9. Haha. I didn't plan on it, I might go back & get it cuz it seemed to b made pretty well.
  10. I did suffer a war wound though, as I was unscrewing it my wife distracted me at the perfect time & the spring shot out & gave me a small scratch on my forehead
  11. I bought a heat gun from home depot for about $40 then turned it all the way up to about 1500 degrees. I heated it for less than 5 mins & it screwed right out. Then I figured I wouldn't need a heat gun again so I returned it
  12. It took about 10 mins to install. the top one is the m4 with the new mag tube and the bottom is the before picture. it took less than 3 weeks to arrive from when i ordered it.
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