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  1. Tried the CTG website and none of their listed links were functional. Google searches showed Florida locations in Estero, Ft. Meyers, & Bonita Springs. Unable to establish email or phone contact. Could they have gone belly up??
  2. Brownells is still out of stock on the BLAM4 Anyone find it for sale elsewhere?
  3. I taught my wife how to shoot, Big Mistake!
  4. This is great news. We have a timing estimate. How about a cost estimate?
  5. where can the appropriate length magazine tube be found?
  6. Colt AR-15 Benelli M4 Sig Sauer P229 .40 Cal All of which I own and have trained with.
  7. Acolar

    14" m4

    Wow, those short barrels are really sweet! Thanks for the pics.
  8. It would be very patriotic! Or how about something that says "Don't Tread On Me"
  9. I much prefer the pistol grip over the field stock. Like many other posts indicated I like to train with what I plan to use in the real world.
  10. heckler&kochp2000 delivers lightning FAST! I enjoy doing business with providers that don't procrastinate.
  11. I got no beef with H&KP2000. Got my new in the box C-Stock from him. Ordered it on Saturday received it on Monday. I believe he is in Calif & I am in Michigan. I was impressed and would deal with him again anytime.
  12. Well its Factory black, checkered, synthetic with a sling hook and has the coveted Benelli logo recoil pad. That might explain some of it - Did I mention it says Benelli...Kinda like products from John Deere, Lionel, Rolex....
  13. Super33 - how much do you want for the M80 and grip? Tony

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