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  1. I bought one, mounted it, hated it, never fired it, sold it, bought a Surefire scout light, a barrel/mag/rail mount, blasted away. LOVE IT! It was heavy, not bright, and rattled like a pump. Slap a gen 1 scout light on there (with the letter "A" as the first letter in the SF Scout head serial number) and you will have an amazing bright, light weight light with a great spill flood for shotgun work.
  2. To someone behind enemy lines like New Hampshire, it can bring in some extra money. However, there are a lot of them out there so I think it is a non-factor.
  3. Thats a lot of hardware. What sights are on it? I am assuming rifle and bead with the barrel discriptions. He may get more parting it out but here goes: Benelli M1= $800ish Extra Barrel=$250-300ish Extra Stock=$150ish Mag tube= $100ish I think he'd bring in the most money selling the M1 as a sporting gun and parting out the "tactical" stuff. Hope it helps.
  4. Check this little jewel out, it is a quick disconnect point that fits into the stock sling plate spot. Brilliant! http://noveskerifleworks.com/cgi-bin/imcart/display.cgi?item_id=ben-qdsp&cat=147&page=1&search=&since=&status=
  5. Rezarf

    m1 rear sight

    Another route is to file the top of the front sight down then cold blue it.
  6. Rezarf

    m1 rear sight

    I have a strong hunch that Glock sights slide right in. I will try to check for you this weekend. I believe this because I saw a small ghost ring rear (for rifle sights) on a M1S90 and the only manufacturer that lined up with what I saw made their ghost ring rear for Glocks only.
  7. I agree, I had a pistol grip stock but have sold it now in favor of running a standard stock. Sure the PG looks cool, but for me, the standard stock points better and gets my sights on target a bit quicker as well. FWIW, my M1s90 didn't like to run as reliably with the PG verses the standard stock... never could figure it out, all other things were equal on the same gun. FWIW, once you learn to "push pull" the gun aka "Stretch" the shotgun the M1 is a treat to shoot.
  8. If it doesn't have two tiny holes then it pops out. I would lube it up with a little Hoppes #9.
  9. Here is the Brownells page that might be most helpful. Do you have the LPA sights or the stamped sheetmetal sights? I think you will find that the M1 is nothing like a 590 or 870 to modify and build up. They are way harder to find parts for.
  10. 1. Talk to your smith, he will know if he can "un-weld" the front sight. I doubt he will be able to but only he will know. Otherwise they do make "Band" sights for the front with fiber optic. Like this: http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/pid=19505/Product/REMINGTON_SHOTGUN_TACTICAL_GHOST_RING_SIGHT_SET 2. You can always post up here for a factory replacement non-tritium. Brownells also carrys some factory parts. 3. The Nordic tube would look great with one of their handles, however you need to "cap" that cap. I would call Nordic to see if they make a flush fitting cap. The nut you linked to is open on both ends. That gun would look amazing when done. Make sure you post up some pics.
  11. Kerry, To answer your questions... Yes and Yes. They do wear out at some point but they are very durable, and a little goof-off or WD40 will remove the residue easily.
  12. Josh, you can find a standard "cap" like you are thinking, you will just have to hunt around the sporting guns a little bit to find one. They are out there, check the bird hunting guns on GB. The magazine hanger is the ring that attaches to the bottom of the barrel that supports the mag tube, most every shotugn has one. I will check the length for you when I get home later today on a single round extension.
  13. Not trying to bust your chops but you do know there are some legal hoops to jump through to get it down to a legal 10.5" right? ...man I want to see it when you get there.
  14. That is NICE! Very cool score. M2?
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