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  1. The Beretta tri-rail doesn't fit. I have both a Cx4 with the tri-rail and the MR1 tri-rail. Different mountings. Also, I think the $25 rail you note is for the CO2 version of the Cx4. It's made of plastic as opposed to polymer.
  2. I've searched around and haven't found any info on how to remove the butt pad. I've tried pulling and prying, but I don't want to damage it. I found a youtube video that show how to get the trigger mechanism out and he needed to loosen the stock bolt, but he already had the butt pad off. Any ideas ?
  3. I've tried many different 'cheapie' plastic mags, even Tapco and Magpul ... they all seem to hang up on a drop release requiring me to use my off hand to pull it out and insert a new mag. Good quality metal ones just drop allowing you to jam a fresh mag in quickly with no additional motion.
  4. edleary1227


    Houts Enterprises LLC is offering an aluminum rail set for Cx4 They claim that the stock Cx4 tri-rail tends to fracture with use/abuse, so they made an aftermarket version for the Beretta Cx4 ... $75. Maybe they will make an aftermarket version for the MR1 if you ask them real nice.
  5. edleary1227


    You could probably make it work, but it would take some drilling and grinding, and it still wouldn't fit as well as the factory piece. I was going to do the same thing, but I ended up re-selling the Cx4 part and buying the correct Benelli tri-rail, part # 1167520.
  6. It's a stock that has come from some Benelli model with a telescoping stock because the MR1 version never saw the light of day that I know of. It was originally prototyped as the Beretta Rx4 with a telescoping stock before it was handed off to Benelli for production. I believe that that option was dropped in favor of the solid stock to accomodate the recoil system. If it has been adapted from some other Benelli model, I would like to know which model stock it is, and what modifications were needed to make it fit and function with the inside-the-stock recoil system or the MR1.
  7. Can you send me a PM on how to adapt the M4 telescoping stock to your MR1 or point me to instructions ? You had mentioned previously that it took about 5 hours of grinding, sanding, and fitting. While I'm up to it and have the tools to do it, I'd like to know what I'm into before I get started or plop down $445 for the M4 stock. Also, has there been any detremental affect to the recoil or sighting ? Would adding an aftermarket cheekpad extension be needed ?
  8. I guess CA will need to find yet another way to tax firearms out of existence ... and they won't quit until they do.
  9. Having both the MR1 and the M&P15, I tend to agree about the kick from a 'force' standpoint, but I do feel that the MR1 cushions it quite a bit resulting in a quicker recovery and less muzzle lift. The M&P15 takes a bit more time to get back on target as a result.
  10. 55gr No need to go heavier for plinking/target practice. Also, MR1 is rated for 5.56 NATO, so if you want a hotter load with 55gr, it will handle it.
  11. Quick question before I buy one of the few that are left. Did it hook right up without modification or did you need to redo the damper and spring for the MR1 ARGO ? I'm hoping that it was a simple swap over of the stock MR1 parts.
  12. I've been looking all over for one of these for my MR1. Where did you get it and how much ?
  13. It seems that you need to elevate it above the built-in sight, so you'd need a 1" stand-off rail. ncStar makes a couple different models. Does anyone have experience using a scope on a stand-off rail ? I would think that it would be kind of hard to do a cheek-plant with it up so high. And, I don't see any way of removing the built-in sights.
  14. Benelli M4 Pistol Grip Stock - $40.95 http://www.berettausa.com/products/benelli-m4-pistol-grip-stock/
  15. Agreed re: hot enough to brand a steer ... Can anyone recommend an aftermarket shroud ? I happen to like my MR1 in .223 as is. If you want larger calibers, go with a standard AR frame ... but non-Benelli I do wish I could fit a telescoping stock on it. I've seen pictures, but I can't get an answer on where to get one. It doesn't look like the M4 stock, but if that would work, I'd probably give it a try.
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