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  1. NO Don't shoot 5.56 cal out of the MR1. I was told by Benelli that they will VOID the warenty if you use 5.56 Nato and the barrel blows up. Pass the word on this big misleading advertisement.
  2. Peppergun

    MR1 Mags

    Does anyone know what exact large capacity mag these take? I have a 30 rd Pmag and it doesn't fit right. I have read these rifles are a pain when it comes to mags.
  3. Peppergun


    Thanks I'm glad someone else gave it a thought.
  4. Peppergun


    Does anyone know if the forend rail of the Beretta CX4 fits the Benelli MR1 forend? They are from the same design. Thanks
  5. Go to Vanceoutdoors.com . They can order it for you for 99.00$.
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