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  1. I have one of the mounts. Very nicely made, and it is custom-designed to have the light very close to the gun. I highly recommend them. Regards,
  2. I have a MR1. All NHMTG AR15 magazines work flawless with my MR1. Regards,
  3. axhoaxho

    MR1 talk

    I have had good experience using the NHMTG 10-rounds magazines, they functioned perfectly on my MR1. The only slight inconvenience was that when those magaziens were brand new, they might be a little tight-fit to drop free when I pressed the magazine releaes button. However, after a couple hundred rounds, they would be well broken-in and would drop free nicely. Regards,
  4. Thank you. I went to the website and found this oversized KZ Benelli charging handle; however, it was specified for the M1, M3, and M4 shotguns. Does any of you folks know if it will fit the MR1 rifle as well? With best regards, http://www.botachtactical.com/kzbechha.html
  5. As of today, I looked at the Benelli USA MR1 website, and this was what it stated. The user's manual that came with my MR1 also stated the same. With best regards,
  6. axhoaxho

    MR1 Mags

    I use the NHMTG AR15 magazines, they work and fit very well on my MR1. I also tried a few of the D&H AR15 magazines (with Magpul follower) on my MR1. All of these magazines fed well, except that they failed to hold the bolt back when the magazine was empty. I am not sure if it is unique to my particular rifle, just want to share my personal experience. With best regards,
  7. I just bought a new-in-box MR1. It came with two rear sights (or called rear sight inserts?) The one that is installed on the rifle has a smaller hole (just like the one you showed in the picture), and there is a second sight insert attached to the rifle using a pastic bag/tie. The second sight has a bigger hole and has two white dots on left and right of the hole (for faster sighting, I guess) To change the sights, just simply screw/unscrew them with a screw driver. Hope it helps. With best regards,
  8. Greetings, I have a MR1 and I love it. I installed a 13-7/8" LOP ComforTech Gel recoil pad on it for my wife, and she loves the MR1 as well. The only thing that she wishes is if the charging handle is bigger, so it wouldn't hurt her rather bone-ly fingers when she racks the rifle. Does anyone if there is an aftermarket bigger size charging handle available? Thanks in advance, and with best regards,
  9. To the OP, I think your dealer just did not want to make any promise to you. My local Benelli dealer ordered a M4 a couple weeks ago, and one just arrived on last Saturday. Regards,
  10. Greetings, Today I was in my favorite local gun store. They had a Benelli MR1 ComforTech just arrived. I handled it and it felt so natural to me, so I bought one to accompany my Benelli M4 and M1 Super 90. I will try to post some pictures after I picked it up from the 10-days waiting period. Meanwhile, I have a couple questions that hopefully you folks can help to answer… 1. I try to encourage my wife to shoot the MR1. She is in petite size, so I hope to replace the original recoil pad with the ‘13-7/8” shorter length-of-pull Benelli ComforTech Gel Recoil Pad.’ Does anyone kno
  11. Thanks, The Troy M14 BattleRail is very nice. Yes, it is a little pricey, yet if it is as good as it sounds I am willing to give it a try. Thanks again for your recommendation. With best regards,
  12. axhoaxho


    I have good experience with Eezox. Try to apply a coat of it next time before your similar hunting trip, it should definitely help. Regards,
  13. For a really good and bright flashlight, I really like the Surefire M300A Mini Scout Light. It uses one 123A battery, yet with 110 lumens maximum output. It is only 4.5 oz (with battery), which is nice to adding to our already weight-y M4. For mounting, I haven't tried this setup yet, but I am thinking of an 'offset' rail mount (rotate 90 degree so the light will be on the left-or-right side of the M4) to mounting the light on the top-side of the M4 Picatinny rail. With best regards,
  14. Thanks for the range report on your SOCOM 16. Also thanks for recommending the Ultimak M8 rail. I just bought a M1A Scout Squad, and I might give this M8 rail a try. Regards,
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