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  1. Benneli graciously fixed this issue and the gun is amazingly accurate now.
  2. Thanks for the info. The second rear sight of course did not come with my MR1, or the range that held it for me kept it or threw it away. So, I have been scouring and reading on every site and low and behold, on this site in the "first impression" entry are tons of people mentioning the same issue. After reading the below, I have left a message for Paula Murdock, saying that I will even purchase the second larger sight and could they just deliver it for me, I explained how this is a known issue to all except most Benelli service reps. I promised favorable reviews and would really like to give them, keeping my fingers crossed while I wait for the call back. Excerpt from someone else's post: "I'll try to keep it short, but in a nutshell I emailed every top executive that I could find in Benelli USA telling them how ridiculous it was that they did not have nor could they get parts for the MR1 as I was told several times by CS and that I had been trying to get problems with my MR1 resolved since January. I also mentioned that a couple of people on the forum had been waiting for simple parts like “O” rings since November 2009 and that this was totally unacceptable. I told them I had had enough and was selling my MR1 on an auction site and would bad mouth them every chance I got. Also said some other things to get their attention, but I won’t get into it. I sent the emails out late on a Friday, received an email and phone call from the Manager of Customer Service on Monday AM. After a conversation with her she offered to take my rifle back, put on the small peep sight (that they supposedly couldn’t get), make sure that it was all up to spec. and picked up the shipping charges both ways. They got it back to me in 8 days (pretty impressive). I used it for the first time in my high power league and it shoots fine now…I’m keeping it. If you have a problem with CS about your “O” rings ask to talk to Paula Murdock, she is the CS Manager she told me several times that the “O” rings were in stock. Good luck my friend."
  3. Bought the MR1, the stock rear iron sight it came with is so small I can't even see through it. Called Benelli, the customer service girl wouldn't acknowledge the issue, any advice? I really wanted to use the iron sights for a while and practice with them before using any sort of scope. On numerous forums and websites it's discussed that the sight is too small and that some people received a larger sght that they could attach optionally in the box, I did not.
  4. Here's a nice tear down vid Look up "AlwaysPlinking" on youtube Would any one know of a good cleaning vid?
  5. Quaid

    MR1 Mags

    Also, when going to a range, how many mags would ya bring with ya to have sufficient fun? I just got the MR1 and it's my first.
  6. Quaid

    MR1 Recoil Pad

    As far as adding a recoil pad, in the accessories section there is only pads for the R1. Should I assume they are interchangeable? Thanks
  7. Quaid

    MR1 .223 only??

    I was told, 5.56 and .223 are the same size roughly by an officer, but it was on a forum :-o
  8. Quaid

    Leupold bases

    NIce! great videos
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