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  1. Hookedup

    R1 magazine

    Need an R1 magazine for 270 wsm. Anybody know were I can get one. Lost mine hunting.
  2. Like to make a big story of my 200 yd shot,but it was really about 50 yds. Watched him make a scrape and start to rub a tree before I had a shot. Shot him in the neck with the 270 wsm. Looked like he waas struck by lightning the way he dropped.
  3. Well after the bumpy start with R 1 it came through. Guess Ill have to keep her. 209lbs 10 point, 21 inch insied spread. My best buck to date.
  4. Been on two trips to Colorado for elk. I love going out.The first year we had either sex tags. Said I wasnt going to shoot a cow. The first cow I saw dumped. Not 30 seconds later a nice bull came up through the woods and stood 50 yards broad side in a field. A buddy of mine was on a hillside and saw the whole thing go down. I was sick at first. I picture the bull standing looking at me every day. Guess thats what makes me wanna go back. My biggest advice to anyone going out,GET IN SHAPE.No matter how mcuh you prepare it is not enough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Well steve was right on the money. I recieved the gun today and put to the test fired 6 or seven rounds and worked flawless. Benelli checked the rifle for accuracy.Their group was probably around 2 inches with Win factory 150 in 270 wsm. AFter firing it today tore it apart and cleaned it. The piston was pretty cruddy. Benelli was good about fixing the rifle. Cleaned it and test fired it no charge.
  6. Steve, Thanks for the info. That piston doesn't look very good in your pics. Like I said mine is at Benelli right now. I am sure that is the problem.Interested in what they say.I will definately keep that clean now I see what you are talking about.The kicker is probably only shot two boxes of shells through the gun. Kind of have it my mind to get rid of it. I hate to. I have been waiting for about five years to buy one.Probably hunt with it this year and then see what happens.
  7. Steve thats exactly what it was doing . I took the forearm of and cleaned that really good in there. Does that gas piston come apart. I couldn't find my owners manual so I couln't tell.Hard to believe it would get dirty that quick. I guess if thats it I will have to take it apart more often. Not to keep brining up my bar, but I used that hunting for about six or seven years without taking it apart. Started finally jaming . Buddy showed me how to clean it. I coulnt believe the bolt would even open with the crud in there. Thanks for the help guys. Thats gotta be it. exactly what its doing to the T.
  8. Well shot again today and the same outcome. First shot would go off, second wouidn't. I noticed that after the first shot bolt wouldn't close all the way, even if i single fired it with no clip. After trying it I called benelli. I must say customer support seemed real nice. Anyways they said send it in. So it now in its way.
  9. I am full length sizing. On my previous post I was just stateing a point that I am not real happy with everything that is going on with my R1.Hate to say it because I have raved about this rifle for the past few years before I got one. I am not giving up yet on it. I am going to try a different load this weekend, and I tore the gun down last night and cleaned it. Thought maybe it was starting to get dirty and this was causing the missfires. Hopefully that will take care of misfires. I can take the semi poor accuracy considering most of my shots are fity to sixty yards,but if the gun keeps not going off that is a whole different game
  10. Found my answer on previous post. The fellow that was bear hunting with his daughter. Not one to complain,but I paid almost 1000 dollars for this rifle and have had three issues already. Poor accuracy, mounts not fitting, and now the missfire. 1 Poor accuraccy- My bar will outshoot this gun all day long. But I havn't worked alot with the loads in this gun. 2 Mounts not fitting right- Not really benelis fault DMZ rings and bases 3 Missfire- My BAR never did this. I am a hunter. I must have confidence in my rifle. Their that is my rant. Going to try it again this weekend. Going to try different powder to try and help the accuracy. Gotta say been waiting 5 years for an R1. Not really impressed yet.
  11. Hookedup

    R1 miss fire

    Anybody having problems with their R1 not firing? The hammer is dropping but no firing pin marks on the bullets. Happened probably about a dozen times. After trying a few times it goes off, These are my reloads and I have never had any problems with them missfiring in the past. Tore the gun apart last night and cleaned it. Any input would be appretiated.
  12. Hookedup

    Wsm in r1

    I am a 270 fan so ibought the 270 wsm. I have a 300 wsm in a small browning bolt. Really like that. Also have a 243 wssm in same rifle. Not that they are any better than the original just new and different.
  13. Hookedup

    Wsm in r1

    Just wondering why benelli did away with the WSM in the R1. Did they have issues with them or were they just not selling?
  14. Awsome photos. Been out west last two years elk hunting. Hoping to get a trip to alaska moose hunting next. Love the pics of the bear tracks in the sand. Gotta tell you your pics make that place look like heaven for a sportsman. Loved it out west but that looks even more impressive
  15. Just put one of my leupolds on from another rifle.It worked fine. Still have about a full turn of adjustment on the scope. I think i will leave well enough alone. Now I can start working on a load. What are you guys findin for groups out of these. Last three shots were about 3inch at hundred yards. Havent really worked on a load yet.
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