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    Ak / Shotgun enthusiast looking for info on the mr1 and M series 12g's
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  1. I just purchased an mr1 and I want to get the tri rail for it. Has anyone used the beretta storm tri rail? I know its frugal of me after buying such an expensive rifle but I cant help but think its the same rail. The benelli is $100 while the beretta is $25. Has anyone used or compared the 2 will the beretta work? Thanks.
  2. No one has used thi rifle? Am I in the wrong place? This is the Benelli forum right?
  3. I have been thinking about getting an MR1 for a while now. I am not a fan of the ar platform and recently sold mine. I would like something different that will not be picky with ammo. Benelli makes incredible high quality weapons but I cant seem to find many reviews on this platform. Any reviews I have found are very one sided the user either loves it or hates it. I have never shot one nor do I know anyone who has one. I am looking for it to be a replacement for my AR but can not find it for cheap and dont want to shell out $1300 for something I may not be happy with. I was about to purchase i
  4. What type of ammo are you using? If cheap crap get some good brass. Also try sighting it in at 25-50 yards with iron site's first and see where it hits. The site's are adjustable. Take it from there.
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