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    1st generation native son to California. Raised in El Sobrante,CA
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    Fresno, CA
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    Shotguns, shotgun sports, waterfowling and WoO and NASCAR racing
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  1. Based on the info you've given...the used Waterfowl Edition is a $100 cheaper than a new SBEII. If the Waterfowl Edition is in great shape...buy it! You really won't notice much of a difference between the two but heck, if you get the gun with all the bells and whisles you'll have $100 left to buy shells or accessories.
  2. Tactical is correct. Break your gun down, remove the forearm and barrel & the bolt and then remove the trigger group from the reciever.(see schematic in manual) Check for anything that may cause any problems, metal filings, broken springs etc., and wash the whole assembly with a pressurized aerosol type of gun scrubber. Use a toothbrush to clean any visible debris in the assembly and then oil up the moving parts. Barring any mechanical defects, this should solve your problem. As far as what type of oil to use, I prefer a quality lubricant that can withstand cold temperatures...usually a high quality synthetic based oil. If this doesn't solve the problem, contact Benelli Customer Service.
  3. Here are the links to 2 being sold on Gunbroker.com http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=258897653 http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=259040033
  4. Able Ammo sells them... http://www.ableammo.com/catalog/default.php?cPath=9935_16854 Dawson Enterprises Sport Shooting Supplies http://www.dawsonent.com/browse.cfm/2,4.html Or contact Benelli directly... [h=2]Benelli US Attn: Service Department 901 Eighth Street Pocomoke, MD 21851 Phone: (301) 283-6981 or (800) 264-4962[/h]
  5. olbaidHH, glad you got your problem resolved. Good luck!
  6. You should be just fine with the 1250fps 1-1/4oz #4 Heavy Shot Duck or Heavy Metal 1oz. Be prepared cause it ain't cheap. Personally, in my 20ga Monte I shoot 7/8 oz 3" Winchester Xpert or Federal speed shok steel in #4 for decoying ducks with the factoty IC choke and have no problem stoning the ducks. If their ranging a bit wider 30-35yds, I'll switch to #2's and my modified tube, but I don't take shots much further than that.
  7. duckhtr183, I think that with most people,it's a matter of shoot what you trust! I'm quite satisfied shooting my Win Xpert $9.99/ box 3", 1-1/4oz #2's. I'm not opposed to trying new loads but why pay more for something to do the same job that you were doing for 65% less. I have read that the Remington Hypers do kick like a mule and it's pretty well known that the SBE1 kick hard too...I can only imagine the two together. OUCH!
  8. You have to put a little more effort into it. Have you contacted your local Benelli gun dealer? I'd bet he knows. Have you contacted Benelli Customer Service? Have you used the Benelli USA website resources at all? You should first doubt yourself and your inabilty to get this information rather than just post a request on this forum, sit back, and then expect that someone should provide you with this information and then get upset because no one has stepped forward to provide said information. [h=2]Benelli USA Attn: Service Department 901 Eighth Street Pocomoke, MD 21851 Phone: (301) 283-6981 or (800) 264-4962[/h]
  9. When you put the trigger assembly back in, start by insering the back of the assembly in place first...it'll slide into place and then push the magazine feed end up..it'll fall into place. It may require some added pressure because of the tigh fit, but it will go together and the pin holes will line up. Also, do this without the bolt in place. Re-install the bolt and barrel after the trigger group has been set in place.
  10. I had a similar problem with my 20ga Monty...I've been shooting Federal Top Gun and Game loads with no problems but last weekend I forgot my shells and picked up a box of Rio's...had all kinds of problems. I did have one box of Federal with me and after I broke the gun down and re-oiled everything I tried the Rio shells again...same problem as you described. I then shot the Federal box without incident.
  11. I really think a Speed Bead is a negative for shotgunning...You should shoot with both eyes open and the gun, if it fits correctly, should shoot where you look. You're eyes should be the sights. The successful shotgun's equation has two critical parts: 100% focus on the target and a shotgun that shoots where you look. Look at an object across the room. Where is your head aimed? At the object. When you're looking at ducks, geese or pheasant or any flying object, our nose is pointing at the bird or the object, and that is one of the keys to good shooting. The sight beads on a barrel do nothing more than confirm that you have a proper sight line...nothing more. If your gun fits properly, you really don't need any sights or "Speed Bead" to take the focus away from the target which only equates to misses in the field or at the range.
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