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  1. i've been looking for a few months now and have had no luck. Kip originally said they would be in stock in mid october. does anyone know any other options or makers of heavy duty rails for the m4. kevin
  2. Leaving to go hunting soon and i can't get the trigger assembly back into place It seems to be hitting the plastic drop shim(or atleast thats where i think the issue is) the rear of the trigger assembly won't lock into place or go high enough to get the pin back in place. any tips? tricks? anything? i really don't want to pull off the stock or have the time. and now the shim is starting to get chewed up alittle from me trying to force it in. any help is greatly appreciated!!!! Kevin
  3. Just like the title says. They are out of stock and i'm just wondering if anyone has one laying around they would like to sell. If so send me a pm or direct email [email protected] Kevin
  4. here is all i was emailed from Surefire after i sent them pics.... "I have forwarded the pictures to one of our representatives who has installed numerous M80s and he said it appears to be installed correctly. Are you by chance located in CA? "-surefire rep I requested pics of any of there corrrectly installed M80's just so i could see that it is the same. Still yet to hear back. At this point i'm kinda wishing i bought it direct from surefire so i could send it back with a NO thank you note and request for a refund. They aren't exactly lighting anything on fire with there CS. STrangerDanger- Is there any chance at your convenience you could post a pic of the front of your rail(similar to my first pic)???? Kevin
  5. Thanks for the pics and all the help. I tried some nice taps with a rubber mallet and it just didn't want to move anymore forward. Hopefully surefire will email me back tomorrow and i can try another one.
  6. yeh, sounds like it on the phone. Sucks, but if i'm spending around 200 for a rail, i would like it to fit without me having to mod and F with it. I'm not a patient person so i'm going to be annoyed for sure. I own a surefire backup, M900, 6P Led, a couple g2's.....love there flashlights, never had a problem. I've owned two of there rails and both have let me down unfortunately. K
  7. It appears that the rubber portion in the front of the handguard is the reason it is stopping. I'm on the phone with surefire...i want to see if they will send out a different one before i start hacking this one up. So annoying. Kevin
  8. well, i've tried and tried...it just doesn't seem to fit right. anyone have any issues like this or thoughts?? It appears to not be going in far enough in the front and the rubber piece on the back looks like it isn't fitting properly. I've seen pictures like this online and some that look like the fit is perfect. any help is appreciated.
  9. Stock came in perfect shape. Super fast shipping/email responses. When the USPS missent my package to the wrong state he offered to ship one express so i would have it for the weekend. Great to deal with!
  10. Sorry for the total newbie post, but i am new to the forum and the m4. I have been searching around and found quite a bit of info(some confusing), but i would just like to ask a few questions before i make my first purchase. This purchase is NOT for the "Cool" factor or the collectability of owning an M4, i want the best working self defense shotgun i can purchase. Since i already own a benelli SBE II, i am pretty confident this is it. So here goes. 1- Since i am not collecting or worried about getting myself a M1014. The 11707 is a better purchase for buying a "work" gun? The m1014 offers no benefit besides being a possible collector shotgun and having a collapsable stock. 2- If i want to get the magazine extension is it really better to get the factory benelli ? or are the aftermarket companies just as good? If so what companies. 3- Do i need the full length tube or just get the extension tube? 4- What companies do you guys reccomend buying aftermarket accesorries( charging handle or bolt release) and are these really worth the extra bucks to add on? 5- Best way for flashlight attachment? I would like to keep the forearm factory if possible. Thanks alot for any help you guys can give. I wanna purchase one in the next few days and really want to make sure i do it RIGHT the first time. Kevin
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