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  1. This is the plating coming off the cylinder choke on my Supersport. Noticed before I cleaned it. Thoughts?
  2. Weight is one thing and it's inverse to recoil. But recoil is as much about fit as anything. If your wife is smaller, then look at a compact stock for her. There's nothing wrong with a 20 ga for clays, but to be consistent you might need 2 guns. My wife 5 ' 3" shoots an M2 12 ga with short pad. My ride is a full length Supersport. One of the nicest things about the Benelli line is that you can adjust without cost.
  3. I think I'd be more concerned about pattern development. At 8 the most you could buy would be a couple of inches of pattern. Head to the patterning board and see what you get at 11 yards. I think you'll be surprised at how little difference there is at these short distances.
  4. I coach a SCTP team of 31 guns. We have 5 M2s including one lefty and two more on order. My son shot his competitively for 2 years (probably 8,000 rounds). The only thing I'd take with me is the stuff to keep it clean. I mean really clean. I don't think we've seen 5 FTF/FTE in total. The only issues I have ever seen with the M2 or the Montefeltros has been running too dirty. Headed to Sparta?
  5. 7/8 oz loads in a 400 will be really soft. Add some weight (if he can stand it) and you've got nearly nothing.
  6. Depends on the gun, but 1 oz is generally the minimum. Cheaper shells are generally 1 1/8 at 1200 fps and they most assuredly will cycle the gun. Say what you want about the 391s. They'll run dirtier than anything else (and I love my Benellis).
  7. The Monte is a 20 ga, and my wife and oldest son (14) use it now. It's a super auto. If I had to carry one of the guns over a long walk it would be my choice. The M2 is a tank. It's my youngest's duck gun and he shot competitively with it last year. The Super is the easiest to clean and my favorite to shoot shotgun sports with. The long length is offset by light weight so it moves pretty smoothly. Might want to add an endcap weight to steady the swing, but that's comparing to an O/U and not another auto. Best thing about all of them is ease to fit to an individual. Shims a
  8. My beloved Supersport kept failing to go into battery today at the skeet range. Gun has been flawless for years, never so much as a single hiccup. I'm guessing between 2,000 and 4,000 rounds. Gun is clean, and both springs seem to be the same strength as the M2 and the Montefeltro. The only thing I haven't done is to disassemble the recoil spring, but I every other cleaning I run a patch down the recoil tube.So should I go ahead and replace the recoil spring and the interia spring
  9. The stock should fit, but the issue might be a LH short recoil pad fitting. That soft snap-in pad would be a little difficult to modify. Shimming will also be an issue; cast will be opposite.
  10. Two suggestions: First clean the mag tube very well. Requires removing the split ring. Use a very good cleaner (like a choke tube cleaner) then lube only very, very sparingly. Second; have you tried different brands of ammo? Saw this problem intermittently with fat or long shells. Seemed to be worse with second shell, as the first is dropped into the carrier. Picture looks like shell carrier has started to lift before shell has cleared magazine.
  11. The point of impact (POI) for the SME will be lower than dedicated trap guns. You can monkey with the stock to get it to "shoot higher" but then your head won't be parallel with the barrel and any non-rising target you shoot will be missed high, especially if you go too far. I've had folks add comb with aftermarket pads to improve trap scores. If it were me, i'd learn to work thru it by covering the bird. Might be a good excuse to buy a new gun?
  12. Had a similiar issue with my original SBE. Shell lifter is most likely out of alignment. Brings round up off center and bolt carries it into sharp edge of barrell, trimming back edge. They will get it right.
  13. Oldcrow, Nearly everybody stops the gun at some point. 2nd shell is a good technique. A cheaper one is to keep following the bird regardless if you miss. Your gun probably doesn't shoot low, it may have a 50/50 POI; which is what you want in a hunting gun, or even a skeet gun. Trap guns usually run 100% high, for reasons you've just found out. Most folks on trap work hard to see the bird break. Once they start looking it gets work. To get to this point this with your gun you'll need to raise the comb a ton as this raises POI. Remember once you move the gun it'll shoot diff
  14. The intl targets are actually different targets, to withstand the rigors of a 60+mph throw. We're gonna have a couple more sessions with standard targets while shooting Olympic rules. Then we'll just have to move hyper quick. Closest range that throws intl targets is 3 hours away. Gonna be interesting....
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