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  1. It appears as though the chambering problem has been resolved. Did a little shooting this past weekend and didn't have any issues. I'm still not 100% satisfied with the job they did on the magazine tube seat. They did a little more grinding and it is better, but I can still make a shell stick, and don't have to try very hard to do so. Hopefully it will get better with some more shooting.
  2. I have no doubt that they will make it right. Just hope they got it fixed this time. They are fast, I'll give'm that!! Shipped it out on 3-11 and got it back yesterday (3-18). I'll shoot some clays this weekend to put it to the test.
  3. I noticed that the M2 American is no longer shown as an available configuration of the M2 on the website. Has the American version been discontinued?
  4. Don't see how cleaning could have anything to do with this particular problem, but yes, I did clean it. Since the original post, the gun has been sent back to Benelli for repair and returned to me. The problem still exists, but it is MUCH better. In addition, I was having problems with shells getting hung on the magazine tube seat and not dropping down to the shell catch. I can see where they did some grinding in an attempt to smooth out the mag tube seat, but shells are still getting hung. Shipping the gun back today.....AGAIN! I really like this gun, but this is ridiculous!
  5. So I got a new M2 20 gauge and shot it last week for the first time. Never had a FTE but had many instances where the shell failed to chamber. As the shell was entering the chamber, the leading edge of the shell rim is getting caught on the sharp edge of the chamber and actually bending the shell rim outward. Obviously, the shell won't complete the chambering process after that. There is also evidence that the shell hull is being gouged by the same sharp chamber edge. It seems as though something isn't lining up correctly and the shell isn't being forced straight into the chamber. I
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