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  1. ejm20

    Super Sport Weight

    The Super Sport appears to have a fairly even balance but the muzzle seems to be a bit heavier. Is there a way to shift weight to the butt? Would like to use it for trap shooting and would like more weight on my shoulder
  2. The Super Sport appears to have a fairly even balance but the muzzle seems to be a bit heavier. Is there a way to shift weight to the butt? Would like to use it for trap shooting and would like more weight on my shoulder
  3. Heres a follow-up of on the sticking issue but first, those are great pix!!! Fortunately I took it to a gunsmith and it was very difficult to break it free but he did eventually get off. The tube itself was clean which was a surprise. The problem was the cap that the shell would push back, guess thats called the follower was deformed, had a small burr on it. The gunsmith removed it and polished it back up and now the movement is very smooth, smoother than it was from day 1.
  4. Not a "feeding" problem, the plunger thats inside of the magazine that pushes the shell into the chamber when its cycled gets stuck so that you cannot load another shell into the magazine. You can even push it in with you finger. Hope this clarifies the issue
  5. Got a 20ga Montefeltro and the magazine tube gets jammed from time to time. When it happens and it does seem to be a bit chronic, you can load a shell or even push it back with your finger. I have been able to free it up by spaying some Break Free and letting it sit for a bit. It might just need a really good cleaning by taking the tube off as shown in the manual but am a little reluctant since its never been down and expect it to be like removing the sparkplugs on a new car that have been glued in, hopefully you know what I mean. I dont wont to damage the tube which would just make things worse. The main questions here are has anyone else experienced this? Will a cleaning actually fix the issue or is this just a quirk with this gun? Ive never seen this happen on any other auto. Taking it to a gunsmith is certainly an option.
  6. I was able to get the comb that came with the supersport off....Thanks!!! Getting the extra high comb back on is very difficult, still not sure its completely snapped in place. Looks like you need to get the back hook in then bend it so the front hooks in but the middle is very stubborn. Any tricks on how to get these installed easily?
  7. Whats the procedure on changing the ComforTech comb on a SuperSport? One thread suggests removing the stock or using a screwdriver but am hoping there is an easier way. Thanks!!!
  8. no responses so did some research and heres what I found out, there are actually 2 main flavors of these type of specialty chokes. The Helix chokes come in various Constrictions and they are designed to open the core of the pattern to make it more evenly distributed within the overall pattern but its not considered a spreader choke. However you can select a choke that is wider than the standard Benelli cylinder choke on either of these style chokes The other type of tubes are Diffusion. Which available typically in a skeet choke which also has rifling. The Diffusion chokes are designed to throw a pattern that is wider than cylinder, but still keep a good pattern that does not fall apart and look like a cheap peperoni pizza. :^) After alot of back and forth since these chokes are slightly different but the same, I decided to go with the Helix with a cylinder choke. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will perform as expected. I can update this thread if theres any interest
  9. The review for the Supersport mentioned using a rifled/diffusion choke tube to get a bit wider pattern for skeet....mainly for station 8. Has anyone tried these? Do they work or do they make the pattern so wide for any other station that you get a bunch of holes in the pattern? There tends to be alot of wind at the range and the targets bounce alot so its very easy to shoot under or over it. Perhaps the spreader would be a plus?
  10. I recently bought a Supersport which comes with a nice assortment of choke tubes, full, modified, IC and cylinder but no skeet. The spec's for the cylinder is 0.000 and the typical skeet is 0.005. The cylinder is a bit looser than a skeet tube which may be insignificant but is a cylinder choke a good choice or should I get a skeet tube? It does appear that the pattern for the Supersport is a bit tighter across the board so perhaps the cylinder is the correct tube to use for skeet?
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