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  1. Just picked up a 828U. LOP is 14 1/2" and is too long for me. Some where I saw you can change the LOP. Now I can't find any info on what to buy or how to do it. Any help out there?? Thanks!!
  2. Thanks truckcop.......... the compact would be great but they only come in right handed. If I could buy just the compact stock and put it on a left handed M2........ I'd be in heaven!! But I'm hearing it won't fit. Thanks
  3. There is a new Benelli right hand M2 Compact 12 ga. I need a left handed stock but only comes in right. Could I buy this new compact Comfortec stock righty and replace the normal one that comes with a M2 lefty?
  4. My Daughter needs to have a much shorter, about 13", stock. She's a lefty and I was thinking about a M2 Max-4 12 ga. It took the recoil pad off my Super Vinci and it looks like I cold cut almost an inch off and then carefully recut the recoil pad. might have to do a couple other small addition/modifications but I think it would work. Have any of you ever tried this? thanks
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