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  1. According to the parts breakdown the hammer springs are different.
  2. I forgot to add, my first thought was the bokt assembly in the SBE was heave tier and that was the reason. So I stripped them both down and busted out the triple beam scale. Believe it or not the m2 bolt assembly is 6 grams heavier.
  3. I think anyway. Lol still need to test the theory this weekend. I have a m2 and talked my buddy into getting a brand new SBE II limited edition. My m2 cycles anything, however so I gave found out the SBE II won't cycle anything lighter than a 1 1/8oz load in 2 3/4. So looking at them I have determined the hammer spring is the gremlin. Looking at the parts breakdown and both guns, we are gonna swap hammer springs. I believe the tension on the SBE II is just a tad too much and when the bolt cycles it can't quite compress the spring. If it does work then by simply swapping out the hammer spring f
  4. That's a very good point truckcop. I fully disassembled it and I'm taking it to work. I don't know why I haven't thought of it before but being in aviation we have some serious solid film lubricant. I will coat all the internals. In the mag tube and all! This girl should run slicker than snot on a marble. Haha ill order a new spring anyway. I have been wanting to pick up the xrail full length tube.
  5. Will do. Thanks I was sharing my gun with two friends. (Yeah she got a good workout) not a single jam on them. On that round I had about 7. Really weird. I'm thinking its because its not against my shoulder. Will it cycle if you fire from the hip? I'm not positive on how the inertia system works.
  6. Here is a pic of the actual jam. I believe I got it figured out. I think in not putting the stock firmly enough against my shoulder thus causing the jam.
  7. So I shoot skeet every weekend and got several thousand rounds threw it. Once in a blue moon the second round comes out of the tube and the bolt pinches it before it comes all the way up. I just turn it upside down and pull the bolt and the round is free. Any ideas what might be going on?
  8. 06-530rr

    Bolt rattle

    I know now its not a problem. My intention of the thread is to make the solution more readily available. I search for quite a bit until I was reading about the grease. The rattle isn't a problem but it would have driven me nuts
  9. 06-530rr

    Bolt rattle

    Only locked back.
  10. 06-530rr

    Bolt rattle

    So yesterday after shooting some skeet I was putting my m2 in the truck and heard it rattling. It's never done it before so I started searching and reading. Most said it was normal. But that's hogwash because it just started doing it. I found one little post that mentions pulling the bolt apart and applying a tad of grease to the spring. Sure enough it went away. So I wanted to make a thread in case anyone else had the same problem.
  11. Well here we go. This one hole took 4 hours. We used test pieces that are the same density as the Turkish walnut. Thank goodness we did. Here I am boring it out.
  12. Yeah lol, but if you look closely at the Benelli one it looks like a bunch of divots. Now I'm jumping the gun here (haha) but I'm looking at designs. My brain is going haywire lol
  13. We are gonna start cutting tomorrow. I was doing some reading about carving the checkering and found these two videos. The lazer is just frigging awesome. But I am looking forward to doing it by hand like in the first video.
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