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  1. Yes, I did rig up a 3 point sling for the MR1. It does support a standing shot, and helps prevent the barrel from rising if you happen to pull your head up early, but one other major advantage is that I can now load the rifle without having to set it down. I was forced to put down the rifle in order to load the clip, so this is a safer method. I'm not sure if I have the best quality sling here, because it isn't easy to shift the straps, but it is much better than going without one. Since the MR1 is good for steady aiming and shooting but not so great for rapid fire, than the sling is the way to go, tell me otherwise or else send Canada some high quality slings!
  2. I had one of those in my hands today, an AR. It was very light, and I was surprised by how light it was. I was wondering if the handle would come off, but they must be tough. Try your hands on an MR1 some time, that is the Benelli equivalent.
  3. Is the safety on? Weird stuff happens with them unless the safety is on, otherwise it sounds like someone got a hold of it and removed parts, for their own gun.
  4. It sounds like you are attempting to load a semi automatic rather than a pump action. On a semi automatic you load the bottom, and than throw one in the chamber.
  5. Tinsel

    Benelli MR1

    Also... More testing needs to be conducted, for sure. I am going to have a better concept of the MR1 next time that I shoot. It feels very nice. I now have it set up comfortably with some adjustments. It is nice and light. I'm confident that I can shoot it accurately. I'd take some 40 grain but I'm stuck with 55's. I'm not sure what will happen. I might get a different impression of the rifle this time. It will be more fun to shoot. Don't get me going after these movie stars. I have much better things to do. I'm not quite ready to recommend the MR1, however I just might. Anyway, it feels very offensive, rather than a defensive/protection gun.
  6. Tinsel

    Benelli MR1

    You cock suckers asked for it. Yes, that .22 caliber is the smaller round than the MR1 fires as far as I can determine and I wouldn't push this gun too hard. As if I didn't know what automatic meant, lol. What do you think this is? You should stop watching television. I gave it up completely, and I went to guns and aquariums. You can learn more in aquariums about guns than you can learn here on this website. The world is full of ******* ********, hehehe.
  7. Tinsel

    Benelli MR1

    Why weren't you killed in Iraq?
  8. Tinsel

    Benelli MR1

    What I mean is what is the difference between the automatic and this rifle, but now I see that the automatic is lighter, and that makes sense because I felt that this gun was somewhat of a heavy bullet and uncomfortable to shoot rapidly. I like it as long as I take time between shots, but not too much time, say for example three seconds or so, only than is this gun comfortable to shoot with, and accurate. It has it's place in the gun family.
  9. Tinsel

    Benelli MR1

    It's not a very fast gun, it needs to be shot nice and steady. You can easily aim with it. I'm not sure what I think of it yet. My first impression is that it felt too much like an R1 rifle, yet with less recoil. That is why I was wondering what an assault rifle was like compared to the MR1. I'd like to try 40 grain bullets rather than 55 grain. It didn't go the way that I thought it might but it takes time to grow comfortable with the rifle, and I mean it is capable of being accurate for sure. It is a powerful gun yet it felt very wrong to shoot rapidly. Nice and steady, paced shooting, and it is a great gun, the MR1. I'll use it instead of the R1 from now on, unless I need more fire power for some specific reason.
  10. Tinsel

    Benelli MR1

    What are you people doing here on this forum? I'm into guns. These guns that Benelli make, what is the other ****, you stupid ****** up cunts, lol.
  11. Tinsel

    Benelli MR1

    This is the truth, boy. I just read in one of the review articles on the Benelli website. A review done on the MR1. The author said that it was a sure shot at 40 yards using the metal sights. Well I was good for 50 yards inside of a tunnel with low lights, but I think that the barrel might have lifted twice, but I must have shot close to 40 rounds altogether. Also it is not good for rapid fire shooting, you need a shot gun for that. I thought maybe it would be, so I didn't quite shoot the way that an experienced person would, but now I know about that. What troll are you suggesting. I just picked up two new Benelli guns in the last two weeks.
  12. Tinsel

    Benelli MR1

    Shut up and ship the M4's to Canada.
  13. Tinsel

    Benelli MR1

    What are you talking about? So my question basically is, how does the MR1 than compare to a rapid shooting rifle, since I don't feel that the MR1 is good for rapid shooting, it carries too heavy of a punch, but it is good for picking up quickly and shooting, just not for emptying a whole clip without aiming. Anyway, I've never tried a fully automatic, but this MR1 is going to be interesting. Well Benelli doesn't appear to have a fully automatic rifle. That is what I'm saying, I wonder why they don't but maybe this MR1 is better anyway but only after you become familiar with it.
  14. Tinsel

    Benelli MR1

    There is this place that I shoot at and it is located inside of a tunnel, and at 50 yards it is a bit tough to shoot the target because of the fact that it is inside that tunnel rather than out in the open. I've shot at 100 yards out in the open with my R1 and hit the target every time. I hate that scope, but I was able to hit the target fairly easily standing. Inside of this tunnel, 100 yards would be pure **** I bet. Anyway, I used the MR1 and I was able to shoot a critical shot when I tried it out last week. That cleaning patch went a fifth of the way in and than it got stuck and I pulled it out, but it needed some pliers to get it out again. That is what happens when the cloth patch is too big. Well those barrels are quite hard, so perhaps you are not incorrect after all, but I know that I shouldn't have to force anything. Usually that means that something bad has occurred. I'll have to take it for another walk soon. Yeah, like I said, with my R1, I shoot differently every single time and each of my chess games are completely different, so you never know how I will shoot. It could be perfect or it could hit the ceiling (although with a proper sling, that should at least never happen). I hit the jugular on the neck of that human target. That was a cool shot but I was sort of tired that last round, but this MR1 is easy to pick off the body and to go for a head shot and get close for sure, but damn it, rapid fire is garbage, total junk. I will never try that using an R1 or an MR1. Damn youtube videos.
  15. Tinsel

    Benelli MR1

    I probably already wrecked mine. I pulled the cleaning patch at the end of the cleaning rod back out, and afterward realized that that might stretch the barrel slightly. Oh well. Well it will still shoot, I'm quite sure. Damn guns. You have to learn somewhere. You know, it is nice and easy to shoot, but it is difficult to clean because it is so narrow. I didn't have a problem cleaning the R1 rifle barrel. I messed up on some other part on that one, I used a copper brush on the bolt, although it still works fine, but that was not ideal, and I shot it fairly heavily twice, but I heard that they are not the most accurate in the first place and I can shoot it just fine. I tried the MR1 and there I learned that you can't fire rapidly with it, not like an automatic, yet it can fire quicker than the R1. I'm not talking about aiming and pulling the trigger a bunch of times, but aiming and getting a hit on target. I'm not sure why anyone just pulls the trigger all those times without stopping. I actually am going to take my time when I fire and not think of it at all as similar to an automatic, but rather a comfortable small rifle, with very little kick back, yet the barrel might rise if I lose any concentration. It is more fun to work with than the R1 but I need a proper sling. The R1 with a good sling shoots fine but it is such a large bullet, whereas this one is not that small and it is easy to navigate using the rear sight instead of a scope. A scope is better if you are resting the gun on a support, but here this MR1 is fine to shoot standing. It's my first set of guns and I'll learn from them for a couple years and than grab a new set, knowing better how to use them of course. I was curious how it compared to an assault rifle. I think that the military might use assault rifles, but I don't know for sure. Well I shouldn't think that way. Yes, this MR1 is quite fun, although that R1 even with the scope, with a proper sling, that thing is very nice although each standing shot is a big effort. I was getting a weight lifting workout every time. Well I better not mess up my MR1 too much because I'm not ready to buy another one right away, I'd stay away from rifles if that were the case.
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