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  1. Cut down to 12.625” to 12.750” depending on where you measure it. Complete with limb saver pad $190 shipped
  2. RMR Mount for the Benelli M2/M4 Used it for about 100 rounds, sold the M4 $105 shipped.
  3. No clue, I’m sure the guy with the barrels could measure them for you though.
  4. https://www.ar15.com/forums/Equipment-Exchange/Benelli-M1-Super-90-14-Barrels/92-1993805/
  5. I should have taken pictures of the process.
  6. Just finished the field stock as well, I used my miter saw to chop it, the carbide blade makes a nice clean cut. Then I cut a couple pieces of UHMW and grind them for a semi close fit, I added some grooves in the stock and the new pieces so the devcon plastic steel Locks it all together. I found a nice blem limbsaver on amazon for $20 and fit that today on the field stock LOP came out to 12.75” ran 100 rounds through it this morning In the backyard after I fit the pad. It’s like a new gun.
  7. The RMR and SRO have the same footprint, the rail itself will allow either to mount.
  8. 12.5” on a factory synthetic stock, it’s not hard just a little time consuming. I’m 6’ 2” and it’s perfect.
  9. I make some 7/8 ounce loads @1225fps for my M4. It has eaten everything else I’ve fed it without an issue. It truly is a great gun, that being said my 1301 Tactical is a better gun.
  10. The CC tube is nice, I don’t like waiting either 😀 http://www.davesmetalworks.com/m4.html the oversized safety is nice too.
  11. I like 1moa, but I ended up with a 2moa Holosun with the 35moa ring. I doubt I’ll change it, i really pick up that ring quickly.
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