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  1. I can vouch for the A&S product as being top notch. I have had great success with a FFT trigger/disconnector & Shootingsite hammer setup. If 922R compliance items are hard to come by, you can at least get a hammer here: https://shootingsight.com/product/benelli-hammer/
  2. MNtadpole

    RMR MOA?

    I listened to Stranger and went with 1MOA. It was great advice!
  3. MNtadpole


    I really enjoy my Scalarworks/ RMR combo. To me, I wanted a solid, low profile optic solution for the M4. Plus, I think it looks pretty bad ass.
  4. Those Arms Unlimited charging handles seem sweet. I just got mine. I really appreciate the extra finger real estate. All for ten bucks!
  5. That bike is beautiful! I was eyeballing one of the Xdiavels a while back. Good Stuff!
  6. Well I just ordered one too since the price was right. It's pretty hard to beat that price. I hope they're decent. Thanks for posting this.
  7. Well I will give you what I did. I do not claim to be an expert or anything, so take that for what you will. I used a laser bore sight to adjust my rmr to proper point of aim. After I did that, I took it to the range and verified it. I was surprised to learn that my bored sight got me right on the money. Personally, I want to say that I noticed a small amount of dot shift (parallax?), depending upon the angle that looked at the dot through. Someone else here might be able to tell you the outcome of zeroing the RMR to just the sights. The method I used work really well for me, but I do realize
  8. Nice. It has kind of a race gun/ tactic-cool look to it.
  9. Anyone have any pictures of the CF mag tube actually on a M4?
  10. I wish. I don't own a sport bike myself, but I wouldn't mind one. At this year's International Motorcycle Show Kawasaki showed their new "Z H2" which I instantly fell in love with. Its a more relaxed rider's triangle but the power plant is still supercharged! BRAAAAP BRAAAAP. I personally own a 2015 HD Softail Slim, which I've done a fair amount of work to. I just enjoy the classic lines of the bike.
  11. Glad to see that I'm not the only one with expensive taste in more than one hobby! LOL I right bikes too.
  12. I've never hired a gunsmith to do any extensive work...so I couldn't say accurately. What I can say is that it took my mechanically inclined self to hit it with a MAPP torch and got it off in under 5 minutes.
  13. @USMC249 more like a huge jump back from the past. LOL this thread is over two years old on the last comment! 😀
  14. SUCCESS! Thanks for the encouragement everyone. Now I am part of Team Uber-Mag-Tube!
  15. LOL...yesterday's frustration resulted in the purchase of a decent bench vise and a MAPP torch! This s*** is about to get real!😛
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