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  1. @nimslow If I was you, I would reach out to FFT and see about getting a replacement. There is an apparent lifetime warranty. At least get a new trigger from them, and they you could sell it to someone who might need it. Out of curiosity, how many rounds do you figure the you have shot with the FFT parts?
  2. Let's hope that wasn't his attitude towards his products...
  3. Yea, in terms of a normal market, those aren't priced competitively at all.
  4. What retailers are you using to source 12 ga ammo? I know I have recently purchased from Natchezss (9mm and 5.56), but they didn't seem to have either the stock or competitive pricing for 12 ga.
  5. You could look at buying a Shootersight hammer which is also 922(r), and selling the FFT. I have one in my currently installed trigger assembly. https://shootingsight.com/product/benelli-hammer/ . Just an idea.
  6. Milspec does have a valid point...
  7. Fair enough, these platforms are a money pit!
  8. Those slings are only $45? I thought they were more expensive than that. I have to check those out.
  9. @ClackClackBAM So I just recently bought the FFT fore grip myself. My set, which was black, has an okay fit and finish. I think I will be cutting some of the material at a later point to make it fit better. Since there aren't many options for 922(r) compliance, I can't complain too much. I do think that the OEM is a better fit/finish than FFT. The OEM has a more solid and textured feeling.
  10. When I did my 922(r) assembly, I chose the A&S route too. Kinda stinks that he might be pushed into that direction...especially since it's another $220. On the bright side, he does get another +1 in 922(r) compliance with the A&S!
  11. @ClackClackBAM I would also recommend looking at Stranger Danger's assembly/disassembly instructions and navigate to the conclusion section. Once there, you should be able to find an operational check sequence of steps. These steps allow you to test all the correct functions of the trigger assembly. I would be curious to know if, once you check these, if your trigger assembly fails any of them. Let us know once you know! Good luck man.
  12. @ClackClackBAM If I was you, I would give the gunsmith the chance to make things right on his end before your start doing any tinkering on your end. This way all the problems can be associated with the original work done by the gunsmith. People make mistakes...so let this person make good on his end. Now if he ends up leaving you high and dry, give the company some yelp reviews or something of that nature. Based on what you said, that a second round can't be fired, that is 100% not normal. What ammo were you using at the range?
  13. Hmmm...that's interesting. That's the first time I have heard of that. Can anyone confirm this?
  14. What kind of mag tube are you using?
  15. Well, I ordered my on 15May20, so I'm sure I would have at least a month beyond your order. Oh well!!! I'm much farther along in my build than I figured I would be, thanks to Stranger Danger letting me grab some parts from him. I bought a Scalarworks Sync mount and back-ordered a 1MOA RMR. I can't wait to finish up this beast!
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