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  1. I get the concern but for something like an M4 I'm not too worried about the finish or any dings/scratches because the value of the M4 to me is purely in function and reliability in adverse conditions where the gun is supposed to take a beating anyways. Throwing it on stuff is unnecessary but laying it on a rock or it falling over or whatever really doesn't concern me. Something like a bespoke H&H handbuilt with fine wood and engravings treated like that though would give me a heart attack lol.
  2. I have an MS1. Works just fine for me. I have it mounted through the c-stock, used to be through the stock front loops but now on a AVA QD mount.
  3. BallChange

    Old M4?

    I think I remember reading something about a 19 or 19.5" barrel for some European markets.
  4. But hey, it helps us Canadian owners! Nice to know somebody is thinking about us lol
  5. Yeah, I don't like to alter the basic functions of a firearm, especially an expensive one. I like to keep things as OEM as possible. I've actually ordered the mag tube and paddle release from Rxarms because we're both in Canada. It's a simple piece, seems fine enough. I'd suggest a light, especially considering it's use in the house. I got an AVA mount with a SF 600 light on there from StrangerDanger and it sits perfectly in front of my left hand. I've heard good things about the IWC light mount too. I had a mag extension and it wasn't ideal. Makes disassembly annoying having to get the
  6. Congrats on the purchase! The aftermarket for the M4 is expensive but lots of cool and practical options out there if you're willing to look.
  7. One that I don't own but to me rivals the status of the M4, is a Mag-10 Roadblocker. I'd love to chuck some 00 outta one of those...
  8. Bringing up an older thread, but figured after installing my 1-piece tube it was a good time to throw this out there. Hoping to get an Entry within the next couple of months, and an Aimpoint CompM5. Will probably be adding an adhesive velcro side saddle on the Entry as well. In the meantime, this will do
  9. His M4 makes another, more in-depth appearance in this video.
  10. Definitely needs the stock and tube, but man that's a nice price at $1500. Congrats on the retirement, and shoot the shit out of that thing!
  11. Unfortunately I'm north of the border, but this is the same brand, and I just ended up buying a few boxes of the buck anyways.
  12. There's some frangible buckshot ammo available near me that I'm thinking of buying, mostly for the novelty of it, but also depending on the effectiveness for lock/hinge-busting and door breaching. I was thinking frangible slugs would be the most effective but those are sold out, and a quick search shows its the only frangible 12ga ammo near me along with the buckshot. Does anyone have experience with these kinds of ammo? I'd be willing to get one or two boxes of the buck if they are actually effective in breaching-style scenarios. Thanks!
  13. I've got something a line like that in mine, but I have ~800 rounds through mine. If there's no issues when you shoot it, I really doubt it's anything to worry about at all.
  14. The m4 is my first gun too lol! What I did was, I thought to myself, why did I buy this gun, and if I had to depend on it with my life, what ammo would I run? Any type of Federal slugs/00 or 000 buck worked well (both 2 3/4 and 3"), S&B stuff slightly less so. I also cleaned it after every range trip for the first few hundred rounds but dont bother as much now and it runs great with Federal ammo, so I stick with what works. To me, its expensive, not because it's supposed to be treated like a fragile piece of art, but because the Marines (or a first-time gun owner like me) can
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