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  1. I've got something a line like that in mine, but I have ~800 rounds through mine. If there's no issues when you shoot it, I really doubt it's anything to worry about at all.
  2. The m4 is my first gun too lol! What I did was, I thought to myself, why did I buy this gun, and if I had to depend on it with my life, what ammo would I run? Any type of Federal slugs/00 or 000 buck worked well (both 2 3/4 and 3"), S&B stuff slightly less so. I also cleaned it after every range trip for the first few hundred rounds but dont bother as much now and it runs great with Federal ammo, so I stick with what works. To me, its expensive, not because it's supposed to be treated like a fragile piece of art, but because the Marines (or a first-time gun owner like me) can
  3. All these cars will look even better with an M4 in the trunk Merry Christmas!
  4. There should be plenty about this online. One thing I read was double ear pro, I'm not sure if that's effective or not. Another thing to help see if your actually flinching is get someone to randomly load a dummy in the mag, and you'll see it. Other than that I'd just say practice practice practice and lots of dry fire until the click is instinct.
  5. BallChange


    I'm never sure, is that an NP3 or Cerakote model? The black bolt is throwing me off...
  6. Pretty self-explanatory... If any of you run some, how do they perform? Or are they a bit gimmicky? Can't own em here up north.
  7. It's a beautiful shotgun with both beautiful and rugged build quality, but you get your money's worth when you beat the shit out of it I've been running Federal buck and slugs mostly, some S&B sport slugs, and more Federal 3" buck (00 and 000) and slugs. I've had 3 malfunctions in my ~700 rounds, two of which might've been the aftermarket mag extension/spring, and one potentially from hip firing lmao. I think there's probably more lube required for breaking in, otherwise it runs pretty well for me now without applying oil before I shoot.
  8. BallChange

    Some R&D

    Thats a cool idea, I don't think it would be worth it to change from a regular 3-position tube, but could definitely be an interesting choice for someone with a non-collapsible tube looking to upgrade.
  9. Yeah keep the pistons dry, I'll clp then scrub the carbon off of them every couple hundred rounds.
  10. I typically seat the barrel in with the bolt locked back. I havent had any issues but this shouldn't cause any problems should it?
  11. Im right handed, I have it mounted on the right side, so when I shoulder it the sling goes around me. If I dont "wear" the sling, my cheek just sits on top and its not really noticeable at all, at least my Magpul MS1 is thin enough. The only thing is if you are hip firing for whatever reason, the left side can kind of dig in to your hip, but I consider that a non issue really.
  12. I use the standard sling loops on my C-stock too. On the front you might want to rotate the front mount, and you might also want to trim the sling to size after fitting it. I have some extra length that I just tuck underneath the cheek piece lol. Not the most elegant solution but it works. QD isn't necessary but would be nice to have if you ever want it out of the way and back on easily. I would like to do a qd mount sooner or later but I believe it takes a bit of modifying to the stock loops? Hopefully someone with actual experience can fill you in on that.
  13. BallChange

    RMR MOA?

    I think I've narrowed down my optic to an RMR for my M4. I want a red dot but curious about MOA. I'm thinking 6 would be nice for fast and easy pickup through recoil, but 3 would be more practical. I have no experience with red dot sights lol.
  14. Could depend how tall you are. I've heard the PG full stock is long, idk about the field stock. (To correct my last post those are the two I've never used.) I do like my C-stock but I dont think its worth sacrificing a full length tube for it, especially if it has to be pinned.
  15. I say if its not the collapsible stock, then I'd go with the field stock, I havent used either though lol. The M4 look isn't complete without at least a mag extension or full length tube IMO.
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