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  1. Appreciate the help SD. I think there's warranty work available here in Canada through Stoeger so I might be able to figure something out through them. I'm going trap shooting this weekend so I'm gonna mark down the alignment with tape and see if it moves at all. Afterwards I'll probably just send it out for peace of mind.
  2. Maybe I shouldn't be dumping 3" rounds out of it lol, I might be putting a lot of pressure on it and once or twice the stock had twisted right after a full mag dump (it's possible I'm putting pressure on the button with my chin/cheek though). If it's too tight and actually hasn't moved I think I'll be ok, I'll have to keep an eye on it over time. Also, are the threads lefty loosey when aiming down the sights? I just don't want to be potentially loosening it under fire.
  3. I have an OEM c-stock, is this sort of alignment normal? It is slightly off to the right. It seems to be like that extended and collapsed.
  4. Part of why I got an M4 is that I know it can take a beating. Scratches dont bother me a bit, if the Marines can't beat it up enough to get something else I think I'll be just fine. There's plenty out there and it's value isn't in the rarity or cosmetic condition, at least to me.
  5. Yeah, when I first got mine, I just put the included oil all over the bolt and it ran 2 3/4" slugs and buck just fine. I've yet to run target loads through mine, but if you haven't, try some non low-recoil buck/slugs. Also, unless I'm misunderstanding, with a full magazine, the bolt shouldn't stay locked back, AFAIK it only stays back after shell release button is pressed/trigger pressed on an empty mag.
  6. It was definitely a buy once cry once, but I had been waiting on the first firearm purchase for a while, and I never considered an M4 (didn't realize I could legally own one where I live) until I saw it for sale one day, and I knew I had to have it. It obviously feels like quality, but I also know the price can be hard to justify for many. So with that in mind I was curious what made the price worth it for you guys on here. Here we get the collapsible stocks standard and I like the pistol grip also, and it just looks so pretty On the bright side, here in Canada I don't have to worry abou
  7. I am not the most experienced shooter. Maybe 6 or 7 years ago when I was a teen I had the chance to put a few rounds through some military grade full-auto weapons, as well as some .22 rifle and handgun target shooting, and trap shooting with over-unders. Among those I shot a semi-auto USAS which might be the most comparable shotgun to the M4 that I've used. The M4 is the first firearm I own, and I knew going in that spending that much money on a shotgun is largely unnecessary for an "enthusiast" like me, but it had me wondering... For those of you with wider firearms experience, what
  8. A heads up for anyone in Canada Cabelas got some back in stock after maybe a month or two being out of stock.
  9. From what I've heard (which isn't too much, frankly), I'm not sure what Benelli was up to when they designed the non-collapsible pistol grip stock, it seems a lot of people complain about it being too long, even with 6' + guys. Maybe its something for legality? I don't have any experience with it though.
  10. Yeah, it's feels unnatural to me, I have to have my head too far back on the stock close to my shoulder and it's not comfortable. Maybe my head is too big, idk lol
  11. The Desert Tech bolt actions really catch my eye, definitely curious about their autos.
  12. I find the middle position on the C-stock is barely too high to use with the irons. I'm 5'6" and the fully extended C-stock works fine for me, FWIW.
  13. To me a charging handle is unnecessary, but a bolt release on the other hand...
  14. I want to get some slow motion footage of the gun shooting, and was wondering has anyone run the M4 without the handguards on? Just hoping with a few rounds I can get some footage of the action working, keeping my hands clear behind the action of course.
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