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  1. Seemed like it took forever but I finally hot my trigger pack back from NP3 plating. I added a TTI extended lifter, a DMW oversized safety and a FFT trigger kit. Came out very good just took forever.
  2. No the extra space between the lifter and the magazine tube on the receiver itself. Ghost loading is putting a round on top of lifter allowing you to fit an extra round in the shotgun.
  3. The extra space is incorporated into the Benelli m4 receiver.
  4. The Benelli m4 11718 has the NP3 coating but it has a 5 shot mag tube and a Pistol Grip stock. Both the magazine tube and stock could be upgraded to mimic a 11711. But you would also have to upgrade some other items to be 922r compliant.
  5. Thanks Stranger Danger I recieved all the parts . Thanks for the fast shipping.
  6. I was curious also. They are selling for crazy money on ebay and gun broker. There one on ebay right now for over $700. Crazy
  7. I just bought my first Benelli shotgun. I purchased it from a friend and I was doing some reading on 922r compliance. He installed the collapsible stock and a us made follower. I believe the magazine tube is also us made. Is there any preference on the trigger kits from Freedom fighter vs Benelliparts .net. . Thanks
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