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  1. Jolly Roger, thanks bud, lol. I somehow have to threads going on this. Just to be clear, it's a stock LE model that is supposed to hold 7 from the get go. Don't want to mess up a $1700 piece of machinery. I'm using LE rounds of slugs and 00 buck, but that shouldn't matter. Also Winchester Super X slugs. The mag should account for the size differences, or not advertise it as a 7 rounder. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for the reply Evolution. So far, the only rounds that a short enough to fit all 7 are Federal #8 birdshot. I have tried: Winchester Super X rifled slugs, Federal LE 00 buck, and Federal Hydra Shok rifled slugs. All are 2 3/4' shells. Interestingly, the tech at Benelli who responded to my email regarding same said to "humor him," and try different shells. What pisses me off is that it is advertised as a 7 rounder. I was not aware that the shells varied in length. As I said to the Benelli rep, the bird shot isn't a self defense round, but the rounds stated above are - and this isn't a field gun. To "humor" the rep I have ordered some 00 buck from Remington and Hornady. Are you using bird shot from Federal and Remington? Thanks again.
  3. For anyone else who couldn't find the answer to why a 7 round magazine tube on an M4, and probably the other products as well, couldn't fit 7 rounds - I could not understand why my new M4 LE model with a 7 round tube would not hold 7 rounds of my Federal 00 Buck or Slug rounds - I checked for a limiter (which there shouldn't be one as it is a LE model, or any other blockage or obvious cause. With a well-hidden reference on the internet about 2 3/4 inch shells being slightly different lengths, depending upon shot / manufacturer, I tried bird shot - and voila, I could fit 7 rounds. What baffles me is that there is no information by Benelli about this fact, nor did CMC Government Supply, where I purchased the shotgun, offer this as a possible cause. Perhaps I am the only one that did not know that some shells are a touch shorter...if there is one person, check out this "solution." Of course it's not really a solution, as bird shot is not a tactical load (at least not in my book), and therefore to advertise a tactical shotgun as having a 7 round mag when you can't fit 7 tactical rounds, is deceptive.
  4. Can anyone explain why the OEM 7-round magazine will only fit 6 rounds? I haven't seen this addressed anywhere and can't find a clear answer on the 'net. It is a law enforcement model that came standard with the 7-round mag. Thank you.
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