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  1. Jolly Roger, thanks bud, lol. I somehow have to threads going on this. Just to be clear, it's a stock LE model that is supposed to hold 7 from the get go. Don't want to mess up a $1700 piece of machinery. I'm using LE rounds of slugs and 00 buck, but that shouldn't matter. Also Winchester Super X slugs. The mag should account for the size differences, or not advertise it as a 7 rounder. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for the reply Evolution. So far, the only rounds that a short enough to fit all 7 are Federal #8 birdshot. I have tried: Winchester Super X rifled slugs, Federal LE 00 buck, and Federal Hydra Shok rifled slugs. All are 2 3/4' shells. Interestingly, the tech at Benelli who responded to my email regarding same said to "humor him," and try different shells. What pisses me off is that it is advertised as a 7 rounder. I was not aware that the shells varied in length. As I said to the Benelli rep, the bird shot isn't a self defense round, but the rounds stated above are - and this isn'
  3. For anyone else who couldn't find the answer to why a 7 round magazine tube on an M4, and probably the other products as well, couldn't fit 7 rounds - I could not understand why my new M4 LE model with a 7 round tube would not hold 7 rounds of my Federal 00 Buck or Slug rounds - I checked for a limiter (which there shouldn't be one as it is a LE model, or any other blockage or obvious cause. With a well-hidden reference on the internet about 2 3/4 inch shells being slightly different lengths, depending upon shot / manufacturer, I tried bird shot - and voila, I could fit 7 rounds. Wh
  4. Can anyone explain why the OEM 7-round magazine will only fit 6 rounds? I haven't seen this addressed anywhere and can't find a clear answer on the 'net. It is a law enforcement model that came standard with the 7-round mag. Thank you.
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