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  1. Can confirm its fully adjustable. Come from the factory completely off. Loosened the bolt with a 5.5mm open end wrench, wiggled it a bit made sure its dead center and tightened.
  2. If I’m using the correct snap ring pliers with a 90 degree I think I can get the snap ring out without scratching. What are your thoughts on that? Is there still a risk of scratching it with 90 degree snap ring pliers?
  3. After firing or if I release the bolt back, the trigger guard pin becomes slightly loose. Not fully were it protrudes out, but slightly loosens up and I have to push it back in. I'm wondering if this is normal? Here is a video demonstrating the issue
  4. Is the front sight adjustable on an M4? Not just left or right but at an angle. Like / or \. From the factory it seems a little cocked off to the right like this /. Just a little off on the camber. Before I go buy a wrench wanted to see if that something that can be adjusted by loosening the nut. Thanks!
  5. Here are some photos with circles showing the damage. The picture doesnt do it justice, its a lot worst in person
  6. I have no idea what that rust material is, but its not scratched its some actual gunk that dried up and was not possible to remove. And the damage to the backend can be easily seen in the photos if you zoom in
  7. I just Fiocchi normal 1350 or so FPS buckshot as well as some Federal non low recoil slugs
  8. I just picked up a brand new M4 from the local gun shop. Went the next day to the range to fire it and every single round started to fail to eject. I get home to inspect, and I notice damage as well as some weird rust or gunk all over the components... For all new owners, check your gun prior to taking it out the range. Now its gotta go back for warranty service. The customer service rep had no idea what that substance was nor how the whole thing got chewed up. Spending this much on a gun only to have this issues right from the start is really frustrating.
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