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  1. socom1

    M4's from Buds

    Crofton , That would be MA. = Mass. . Almost the worst state in the Nation to try and have any fun !
  2. socom1

    M4's from Buds

    My FFL told me the other day that he has to charge me sales tax on a out of state transfer also . I told him I'm not buying it from him or even buying it in my state so why do I have to pay my state sales tax . Is this a new FED law or some other rotten rule in MA. ?
  3. BM4robbins , are you just going to tease us or what ????????? PICS PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. saym14 , what dose it match great ? CC dosen't make a charging handle the same color as the M4 . I have been asking them for one for over a year . So has many other people on here and from other places , but as far as I can tell there still isn't one available .
  5. socom1

    M4 sights

    What about Aimpoint Micro T ?
  6. Benelliwerkes , Are you saying there are different Benelli screws for the M4 ? Because it appeared that all 5 were the same . Diabolus , You my friend are probably right . I can't help it thought , I like everything as perfect as it can be . Probably why I'm still single . Either no perfect girls or I drive them crazy ! Maybe I need a pill , LOL !
  7. Thank You . I just called and they are closed . I will call in the AM . I also am wanting a Super Sport .
  8. I finally get around to installing Kip's rail on my M4 . Have had the gun and rail for months and everything has just sat in my safe because I have been so busy . Gun NIB and rail NIB . Before I even got into this I called Benelli and asked if they could ship me new rail screws because out of the box two screws were chewwed up alittle from them not using the right size screw driver when installing the factory rail . It looked as if the driver slipped out of the slot and left some marks on the top side of the screws . Only 2 of them . They said no problem and took my serial # . So I put the M4
  9. I am in the market for another M4 also . What is BGS gettting for them ?
  10. Slip 2000 EWL ! Who gives a crap about PD vs DI . I have a LWRCi SPR . I love it . Use what ya got , take care of it and it will take care of you . Lets all fight together with our DI & PD's ! This is how wars are started . Happy Holidays !
  11. I believe the H&K 416 is a AR platform . That was good enough to take out Osama Bin Laden !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The most wanted man on the PLANET at the time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. That video was crap and so was the guy trying to shoot . He didn't have a clue . Can say cluster f%*K ? He was a complete mess . Probably dosen't know how to maintain his weapon either . Marcus Lutrell & 3 team members held off 150-200 Taliban with there M16's for hours . I never have these issues with my LWRCI SPR !! Why was his ACU spotless , and even looked folded with seams ?
  13. My CC Ti tube matches in color alot better than the one in these PICS . Could it be a different brand ? Still a great deal though .
  14. His products are HOT ! His communication is NOT !
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