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  1. Thanks but I found one local last night! Thanks again.
  2. Anyone have a stock Benelli M4 charging handle in good condition lying around that they don't need anymore? Looking to buy one and thought I would try here first before I went to Brownells. Thanks for looking.
  3. I might. Not sure right now. We will see. My guy who does it is pretty fair on pricing so it's always an option.
  4. Thanks Danger! She's getting a collapsible stock this Saturday!
  5. Thank you very much sir for sharing your knowledge, I appreciate it!
  6. Last year I scored one of 2500 M1014's flag guns. Mine has the non collapsing stock. As I surf the web I am seeing more and more pics of M1014 flag guns with pistol grip stocks. I'm curious as to how many were sold with pistol grip stocks and like how I have mine with a non collapsing stock. Sorry if this subject has been discussed before. I just thought that they were sold only with the non collapsing stock originally. Please educate me.
  7. lugie, welcome to the site! Now that you are here just check this site everyday, used items like the one you are looking for pop up all the time. I would rather spend my money with Benelli forum members for used items than spending more elsewhere. Good luck! planman
  8. SPF M1S90 Standard stock. Stock is bare with no hardware or accessories and is in excellent "like new" condition. $65.00 Shipped. USPS money order only, no paypal. Stock is sold pending funds.
  9. Benelli M1S90. HK marked and imported in 1989 with an AU date code. Gun is used and in overall great condition with some light finish wear on receiver only and a 19" smooth bore chokeless barrel with rifle sights. $950.00 Firm, shipped to your FFL. USPS money order only, no paypal.
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