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  1. I got a new rear solid black ghost ring to replace the burnt out two dot tritium one. Anyone know how to swap these out?
  2. Looking for a Surefire dedicated weapon light for a M1 Super 90. Prefer the old school version but a newer one would work too for the right price.
  3. No it must be a side mounted loop.
  4. I am removing my two round extension on my M1S90 and replacing it with a factory flush mounted one... http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/pid=6281/Product/FOREND_CAP__W_O_SWIVEL_STUD However, I need to still have a side sling mount. Any ideas?
  5. I didn't ask. I just figured it couldn't be removed.
  6. I'm getting my barrel cut down and need a replacement front sight "tower" like in the pic...
  7. The front sight looks like the top one in the pick I posted but the rear ghost ring is different. I don't see a link on my phone.
  8. Josh-L

    M4 Night Sights

    Making sure I don't shoot something or someone I shouldn't isn't "playing by the book".
  9. Wooo Hooo last one and I'm at 20 posts!
  10. I figured I'd spam my own thread lol.
  11. Ok I'v been spamming this board trying to get my post count up so I can email someone.
  12. Does anyone have a pic of one? I must be stupid or there's not one on that website.
  13. Sent Nordic an email about the flush fitting cap. I looked all over Brownells but couldn't find factory all black rear sight. I also sent my gunsmith an email to see what he thought about the front sight. I agree, I doubt he'll be able to remove it and I don't want to replace it with a banded one. Looks like this project might be a pain.
  14. Take some better shots when it's warmer and with less clothing lol.
  15. Josh-L

    M4 Night Sights

    Tool Tech is the best at what they do. With that said why do you think you need night sights? They are very over rated. You must ID your threat before you can shoot it right? More then likely this will be with some sort of light right? If there is enough light to ID the target there should be enough light to see your sights.
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