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  1. I'm selling someof my benelli m4 parts because I don't have it anymore Benelli M4 KZ Quadrail System w/ 2 CAA 5rd rail mounted shell carriers. $150.00 shipped. Blackbore Tactical Mid range choke for Benelli M4 $40.00 shipped [ATTACH=CONFIG]844[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]845[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]846[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]847[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]848[/ATTACH]
  2. I'm kinda strapped for cash so if someone wanted to make a donation to the deathmachines for divorcees I'd happily accept it
  3. Tucker thats pretty funny. I have a sense of humor so it's ok. I'd shoot you with my shotgun but oh wait I don't have one anymore . To those of you who have seen pics of my benelli I can assure you that the one she is getting is not the crew served death machine that I spent a year upgrading. She's getting a bare bones m4 and when I find another it will be my new crew served death machine and I will continue upgrading it until I have to get a trailer just to take it to the range:cool:
  4. Thanks everyone for the support. It doesn't hurt too bad because I know either her or her dad will actually shoot it. She likes shotguns and when we were on better terms I bought her a Super Nova which she liked very much. I'm gonna be on the look out for M4 deals. I paid 1200 for the one she's getting. It was used but it fantastic shape. It could be worse I have several guns and she coulda asked for half of them but she just wanted my benelli and a Taurus pt24/7 which I never shoot anymore since I have 2 glocks now.
  5. Anybody got a used m4 for sale???
  6. Since I don't have a Benelli anymore does that mean I have to cancel my account on this forum???
  7. So after mediation with the soon to be ex wife I have to give her my benelli m4. She wanted that and one of my pistols out of my gun collection. I LOVE that shotgun but Saturday I must say goodbye to it. Moral of the story don't get divorced. It could cost you your favorite shotgun.
  8. can we pre-order them now???
  9. I have one and love it. Bought it several months ago and after 1000rds or so I havent had any problems.
  10. where can i find a new recoil spring for my m4? ive looked at the benelli website and at e-gun parts and cant seem to locate one.
  11. It's easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission!!! Awesome deal!
  12. beautiful benelli. how much that run you?
  13. How dare you!!! Haha just kidding. I never said she was perfect. She's cute and my shotgun is awesome so put those together and you have a pretty good picture. I'm thinking of driving around anchorage finding the most attractive women I can find and asking if they would like to take a picture holding my gun. I work at the jail now but I'm pretty sure of I do that I will be living there for quite some time!
  14. yea im thinking the same thing. if you clean and inspect it and dont see anything wrong its gotta be something wrong with the ammo. But since you said it fired through you mossberg 500 then maybe its not the ammo.
  15. Did you only fire 6 shots? 1st thing id do is take it apart. Maybe there is something stopping the firing pin from extending completly and striking the primer enough to set it off.
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