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    Killin ducks, salmon, steelhead, and buxs w/ a bow
  1. http://shop.tac2.com/product.sc?productId=1 Anyone have any experience with this product?...looking for a larger bolt release and this one stood out because of the fact that no drilling/gunsmithing would be required.
  2. I just tried to put my FA brand sling on my new SBE2...the sling stud on the stock is too wide:confused: and the sling's swivel won't lock in place.....what slings are you guys using for your SBEs.......I'm using the sling fro waterfowl
  3. I have been looking around at several dealers for a new matte black SBE2...the only problem is that the prices vary:confused:, what should be the averadge price of a new matte black SBE2????? Thanks
  4. The echo poly timber diamondwood call is an awesome call for the money, it's a great call for the cheap price...In my opinion it's the only call good enough to be on my lanyard it's lower price range. It's pleny loud enough for everything besides ozone birds that are'nt commin down to play anyway..i love the squeal it makes on the lower end
  5. Okay, well I'm going to buy a Sbe2 or an M2 this year for waterfowling, I have never owned a Beneli and I have some questions after reading other's posts and issues. #1 should I get a matte Black finish, I would rather have a Max-4 finish but it seems that benelis are notorious for the camo chipping off and I don't want to have to worry about scratching the paint off every time I get in and out of my layout blind or boat. #2 Would the M2 be more reliable for shooting dove loads than the SBE means the M2 has a 3" chamber??? #3 What do you guys shoot for a choke out of the Benelis
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