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  1. Yea,,,,,,,,I got my first one this year too. 18lbs with a 10 3/4 inch beard. Great. SBEII.
  2. ranmcc

    New shim kits

    Anyone ordered the new shim kits that allow cast off for she ii?
  3. I used an extended choke tube made by Pure Gold .670 at about 30 yrds. Took him down quick. I have also got a Jelly Head coming this week to see if they pattern any different. I patterned some 2oz #5 but the 2oz #4 patterned better in the PG.
  4. Just got my first turkey today using my 26in Camo SBE II using 3 1/2 Kent #4. Went down like his head was cut off with a razor.
  5. Yea,,,must fit perfect. All I have to do is put it up and shoot. Light too.
  6. Went dove hunting yesterday. Got limit in about two hours. Afterwards I had an old man come up to me and said. I saw you shooting down from us and was just wondering what kind of gun you were shooting. You were making some long shots. Had to tell him it was my Benelli M2 20ga that I just got. Got 15 birds with a box of shells. Use to take about 4 boxes before I got the Benelli.
  7. I have a 24" on mine and love it. Shoots like a dream.
  8. I like short barrels because I quail hunt and going through briars and woodlands seems like it hangs up less and weighs a little less. Also shoot doves. Love the 24 in. M2 20ga. Also like the SBE II 26 in, but it seems like it is 28 in, but it still is a wonderful pointer and shooter. Great guns in any length. Just a matter of preference.
  9. Took this little gun out and shot 23 or 25 right out of the box. Can't wait to shot it on doves this fall. I have gone through alot of shotguns and this is the one of the best shooting guns I have shot. I didn't just hit them they disappeared. I noticed it had very long choke tubes. Used IC.
  10. Wow, just got my M2 20ga. Shoots like a dream. Patterned it and out of the box got about 75/25. Just the way I like to shoot rising quail and passing doves. Matches my SBE II camo. Won't ever get a gun I can't adjust the shims again.
  11. I was looking at shotguns this morning and came across a Montefeltro with two stocks. Youth and adult. Price was for one stock. Pretty neat if you have a youngster coming along.
  12. I am thinking about getting the M2 realtree apg in 20ga 24". Any feedback? Hunt quail and doves in SC.
  13. There are alot of Boykin Spaniel where I live in SC. To be very truful about the Boykin I have seen very few that did not have some type of genetic problems from hip problems, skin problems, sugar to seizures. You have to be extremely careful and find an extremely careful breeder and even then you chances of getting a medically impaired dog are fairly high. That's why I have always had English Springer Spaniels. Even then I had a problem with one out of four that I have had and that one was ordered out of South Dakota from hunting stock out of England. I spent more money on that one than all the others combined and ended up having to put her to sleep.
  14. ranmcc

    SBE II Sight

    Where can I find an original green sight for my SBE II? Small front sight. Do not want the larger after market sights. Thanks for any help putting me in the right direction.
  15. ranmcc

    Legacy 28 gauge

    Try a Franchi 28 gauge, if you want a light little 28. I like mine.........
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