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  1. Want to Trade: NIB unfired vent rib double bead, benelli M2 2o ga barrel 26" for 24" pm if interested.
  2. This is quoting the original owner, I just bought the gun with woods and replaced with syns. "I went to A place called Fieldsport in Traverse City, Mi a number of years ago to have some guns fitted by a fellow named Brian Bilinsky. I took the SBE just for fun. On the SBE, the gunsmith glass bedded the head of the stock because I need to use a higher shim than normal so he wanted to give the head some additional strength. You still use the shims. The head was just strengthened. There was nothing wrong with it; the work was just preventative. Hope this helps."
  3. The only damage on them anywhere is up near the neck of the stock there where I show there are a couple of small chips that could be fixed pretty easy, the original owner of the gun they came off of had them fiberglass bedded to fit him better, I couldnt tell any difference if you left it on there or you could sand the glass off, pm if you want more pics
  4. think I need 5, so next one will be pics
  5. I dont think I can post photos yet, but pm me your email address and I will send
  6. Wood stock set, excellent shape. $175 shipped to the lower 48. pm me , will have some photos tmr.
  7. R N G, All I have is the 21" VR, would you consider trading the 26", Id be willing to boot....
  8. I have a 21" brl for M1 S90 with vent rib and threaded for screw in chokes...do you have a 24" or 26" you would trade?
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