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  1. The buyer added up all the extras and saw that is was priced fairly. Even getting my full asking price, I lost $240 on the deal.
  2. I personally feel that it is a fine set-up. Tight fit with no play, and the finish was fine as well. Granted, it's heavier than the factory handguards, but the fact that I removed the factory rail and also installed a titanium magazine tube offset a lot of that.
  3. Sold on AR15.com last night in six hours for my full asking price.
  4. M4Madness


    I'm certainly no fanboy, but I can state that every time I have e-mailed Kip in the past, he or his wife has responded within 24 hours.
  5. I am offering for sale my NIB Benelli #11707 M4 shotgun with collapsible stock and full-length magazine tube. I bought it brand new from a dealer 5 months ago, and it has sat unfired in my safe. The BATF has ruled that in order to legally install a telescoping stock and full-capacity magazine tube on an M4 and meet 922® compliancy, FOUR factory Benelli parts from the list must be replaced with US-made parts. This shotgun is completely 922® compliant with the following US-made parts: KZ Railed Forearm (one part) CarrierComp Titanium Magazine Tube And Follower (two parts) Geissele Hamme
  6. Let's move this. Price reduced to $69 shipped via USPS Priority Mail, with no Paypal fee.
  7. I have a Benelli M4 pistol grip stock (part #81040) that I took off my brand new, unfired Benelli 11707. I'll take $85 shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Payment via USPS money order or discreet Paypal (+ $3).
  8. It is still an unfired virgin, but hey, it's the third Benelli M4 I've owned, so it's not like I've never shot one. ;-) U.S. parts: CarrierComp titanium magazine tube CarrierComp follower KZ railed forearm Geissele trigger
  9. My hammer arrived today. It looks exactly like the stock one, and if it weren't for the U.S. markings, one would think that it was factory Benelli. I am VERY pleased with it. If you have the right pair of snap ring pliers, total installation time should be a mere five minutes. I had mine swapped and ready to install the snap ring in a little under four minutes, then ran into problems. My snap ring pliers are combination internal/external. When I set them in the external position, they were too wide to fit in the snap ring. I had to spend some time and modify a tiny set of needlenose plie
  10. Looks good! I'll be installing my collapsible stock as soon as my US-made hammer arrives (it is enroute.) I need to put mine on a set of scales at that time to see where I sit as compared to factory. I've got a KZ rail, titanium tube, vertical grip, and c-stock, so I'm curious as to how much weight I've added over factory configuration. The KZ rail adds something like 16 ounces, but you lose something like 4 ounces by removing the factory rail. That puts me at +12 ounces. Then I swapped in a titanium mag tube, which drops something like 5 ounces. That should put me at +7 ounces plus the
  11. E-mails were sent out early this morning to everyone on the waiting list and we were given our ranking to enter in the comments box when placing our online orders.
  12. Adding a US-made forearm to the list above makes the collapsible stock legal.
  13. I ordered mine tonight. I'm #12 on the waiting list, so surely I'll be in the first batch. :-)
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