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  1. peviti32


    Been watching this board for the last three months and there are many bandleaders for Kip. For sure he does provide a great product (that what the bandleaders tell us), BUT he is lacking communications & business skills. Sending emails and request end up in a carrierComp quagmire. Don't buy that he is a one man shop, recovering from an accident, working nights and one excuse after another. He just provides POOR customer support. My $.02
  2. My grandaddy use to say, everyone hates hunting in the wind. You can't hear ****, but more importantly they can't hear you! They will move into sheltered spots, that we can sneak into and of course we won't hear them coming, just stay alert. Use the wind's roar to shield your approach and remember certainly loads of fun better than sleeping next too a cold turkey.
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