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  1. Help me out here guys. Why is a four inch group at 20 yards a 'plus' in a defensive shotgun? I have rifles for that. If I pick up a 'scatter gun' I expect it to scatter. A one foot group with nine pellets at 20' is more what I'm after. Otherwise, I'll grab an AR.
  2. kvincent

    My New Love!

    Beautiful shotgun. Congrats. When I got mine back in 07 there were very few parts to play with. Things are better now for the Benelli owner. You can do as much or as little to it as you choose. My M4 S 90 remains my "go to" shotgun. I've got a kick a$$ Saiga 12 that is fully welded and professionally built with lots of one off features and it has never failed me. But it is still my Benelli M4S90 with Kip's tube and Mesa's stock that I will grab when it matters. Of course, I'll grab that Saiga, too, if I have two hands available. :-) Enjoy your shotgun. It is fine piece of kit and one
  3. Well, I almost hate to ask since typing a reply must be difficult, but does that mean the black ones are on the way or should I no longer wait and order a muted? I have a GG&G, but I like the size of yours much better. I'm glad you're not more seriously hurt. I ride dirt and street and I've known a couple guys that were seriously hurt riding MX. I'm glad everything still moves when you ask it to. Best wishes, Kerry
  4. Where are we on the black handles? I have the Ti Tube and love it. Kerry
  5. It does. My bad, sorry. I've should have looked more closely at the original piece. Kerry
  6. Tried to search, but no joy. It appears to me that the Carrier Comp titanium tube does not use the magazine tube spring retaining clip. This is correct, right? BTW, removing the stock tube was just as easy as everyone said. Be patient, get it hot. Really hot -- but not too hot!!! Just kidding, it's easy. Mine came out with very little effort. If you have to strain, it's not hot enough. It shold unscrew with little effort. Also, alcohol and a toothbrush removed the green residue in about three seconds. It was great! Some of my IndyCar mechanic friends didn't realize that alcohol
  7. Thanks guys. Based on that input I ordered a few today to replace my Mesa Tactical. Kerry
  8. Hello everyone, I posted this question in some other threads, but they were tailing off and I got no response. Those of you with the 3 Gun Gear Side Saddle (Aggie Phil), do you feel the adhesive will stand the test of time or is it a 3 Gun competition level of durability -- meaning, is it designed to be replaced on a regular basis? If you removed the receiver mounted velcro, would the residual adhesive be easily removed with alcohol, or other substance, without marring the finish on the Benelli? Thanks in advance, Kerry
  9. AggiePhil,




    I posted this in the forum, but I'm sure you are still following the thread. Why did you choose to fore go the forward receiver loop on the 3 Gun Gear Side Saddle? Would it be in the way? This is the solution I'm leaning toward. I currently run the Mesa 6 shot with a 3 Gun Gear 2 Shell Forward Carrier. Have you had any issues with the mount detaching?






    Any concerns about the sticky back letting go over time or being impossible to remove if you go a different direction?



  10. AggiePhil, Why did you choose to forego the forward receiver loop? Would it be in the way? This is the solution I'm leaning toward. I currently run the Mesa 6 shot with a 3 Gun Gear 2 Shell Forward Carrier. Any concerns about the sticky back letting go over time or being impossible to remove if you go a different direction? Kerry
  11. Thanks a million guys! That was exactly the problem. I feel pretty silly for not seeing it. Kerry
  12. I installed the GG&G bolt release with no drama using a roll pin punch (and the tooth pick trick), but I cannot get the bolt back into the receiver! I can see where it should go into the recoil spring tube, but the cocked hammer won't let it go past! Surely there is a simple technique that I don't about? Can anyone help? Kerry
  13. Got mine installed and I'm very happy. I installed the trigger group first and had no further problems. Observations: It's a very nice piece of work. Two small gripes, but I will easily live with them. First, I wish it fit more closely to the trigger guard. There is a small, but noticeable gap. Second, I find the stock hand guard more comfortable. The Mesa piece is a little more squared off. I may grow used to it, so I'll wait and see. All in all, I'm very pleased and the 922r compliance overcomes any small gripes. Plus, I can put my M4S90 back to stock in five minutes (for now).
  14. Skeeter, Maybe you're right and I need to lighten up, I hope so, but it seems like people are being a little rough on Mitch right now and I interpreted your post as one of them. If I read it wrong, I apologize. But if anyone is expecting Mesa Tactical to have the resources to make a stock that fits as well as Benelli International, they're dreaming. I want/need that stock (even if it has slight wings or is a little tight around the trigger group) and I applaud Mesa Tactical for attempting it. It's so easy to tear things down. We should all support their effort or no one will ever ma
  15. Tough crowd. Just a week ago, Mitch was everyone's hero. Lighten up fellows. We're not playing with Legos here, this is taking on a major financial risk to solve a very specific problem in a very limited market. How's that stock you're working on coming along? Oh yeah, you're not. Kerry PS My order stands.
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