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  1. Thats because it has that whole rubbery guard underneath for that purpose
  2. just a straight up swap nothing else needed. Rob.
  3. Go gouge somewhere else please; Thank you!
  4. i think its screwed in but on my cordoba i never even use it
  5. lmmfao i knew he would be banned sooner or later lols!
  6. funny i dont have a problem with my m2 field giving me benelli thumb
  7. 350 for 2 round extension? WOAH
  8. ya they wear and tear fast those camo colors; benellis paint jobs are known to suck...
  9. it should come with one; i believe all shotguns do that makes it a 2+1 limit unless you take out the rod
  10. i own 6 benellis never had the benelli click happen; but the click is easily solved with a wolff spring
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