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  1. Thats because it has that whole rubbery guard underneath for that purpose
  2. just a straight up swap nothing else needed. Rob.
  3. Go gouge somewhere else please; Thank you!
  4. i think its screwed in but on my cordoba i never even use it
  5. lmmfao i knew he would be banned sooner or later lols!
  6. funny i dont have a problem with my m2 field giving me benelli thumb
  7. 350 for 2 round extension? WOAH
  8. ya they wear and tear fast those camo colors; benellis paint jobs are known to suck...
  9. it should come with one; i believe all shotguns do that makes it a 2+1 limit unless you take out the rod
  10. i own 6 benellis never had the benelli click happen; but the click is easily solved with a wolff spring
  11. i really like it lol and most people here know me as bello the downer hhahah thumbs up
  12. Bello

    No Man Left Behind...

    Thanks Kip and your welcome.
  13. id give ya 50 shipped for the nova stock!
  14. i just tightend mine with a socket wrench have never had a problem with it, idk if i would thread lock it
  15. i use a benelli cordoba 30 bbl with those cheap pink fed breast cancer shells no probs ever so far
  16. i honestly dont see whats wrong with the muted one i have it and love it
  17. u got shafted call and scream at people you will get favored and maybe discounts and free items
  18. Bello

    Franchi I-12

    this is the benelli section herp derp!
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