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  1. Yes I'm still here. I've been making these for 15 years now... and have another small batch of high quality steel mag tubes finished , CeraKoted ready to ship... no delay , will be in the mail the same or next day. Contact at [email protected]
  2. Ref back to near the top of the thread... Thanks "Stranger" for the always good info, buy you forgot me ... "7. Full length magazine tube (Briley/Carriercomp/FFT/Dave’s Metalwork)" socomguy, been making and selling FL light weight 4140 steel tubes for about 16 years now with 100 % customer satisfaction. I pretty much originated the "US" made 7 rd FL tube back then. Volume is small but quality high. I have a few ready to ship, next day in the mail. ... [email protected] Joe B
  3. Birdog, thanks for posting that weight list, good info. You might want to add my Socomguy 4130 (thinwall) steel tube, only weighs 8.8 oz. I wonder whit kind of "pipe" the other heavy steel tube is made of? This from an old post here when the subject of weight came up … Like was said , this topic comes up once and a while... here is the dope. Steel (my 4130 Cr-Mo steel FL tube) 8.8 oz , with a full 7 rds = 23.8 oz. TI tube about 5.7 oz , with a full 7 rds = 20.7 oz. If you want a quality steel one , I have a couple ready to ship [email protected] Joe Joe
  4. I'm still around after 15 years at this and have a couple of FL steel tubes ready to ship... do a search here for references. Or e mail themalt @ hotmail.com Joe
  5. Been a while since we have had a FL Tube discussion.... thought that I would join in and say that I'm still around. Been making FL tubes for about 12 years now. High quality 4130 chrome moly aircraft grade steel. The inside on my tubes have a mirror like finish, no galling or follower sticking here. I know that the TI tubes are the hot item, but grit, alum followers and TI don't play nice together. The weight question comes up now and then, my tube weighs 8.8 oz, a TI tube about 5.75 oz, by the time you load 7 - 00's you hardly know the difference. Still here and making a few... 100% happy
  6. Depending on who wins the election it could be ZERO rounds Joe
  7. If you can't find the blank (5 round) extension, I make a pretty neat extension that allows for 6 rounds in the tube. We call this a "New Jersey" special as the guys in that state are only allowed 6 rounds. Search this forum for "New Jersey special" and the pix will come up. And although I've only been lurking , I'm still around and have a few 7 round FL tubes available. Questions at [email protected] Joe
  8. Here we are again... this topic comes up again and again. This is what I posted about a year ago... "Well now that this topic has been resurrected, I have to chime in... over the years there has been much discussion here of the pro and con of various after market FL tubes. Do a search... issues of relative weight, finish, color, galling, cost, delivery time and even "veteran status". The consumer has many choices and several good products. Just a reminder... I'm still making FL tubes, 100% satisfied customers after 7 years and always immediate delivery. Info at [email protected]"
  9. I have sold many "socomguy" steel 7 rd tubes over the years, when I get asked about the spring my advice is to first try the original spring. If you have satisfactory feed and function, especially on the last round, you are good to go... and loading that 7th is a lot easier besides, otherwise go with a longer spring, but be prepared to cut it down until you get the full 7 without having to beat the last one in. Oh' and I still have a couple of tubes ready for immediate shipment... info/questions at [email protected]
  10. When ever this topic comes up I feel the need to chime in, just so you know that I'm still here... for the best quality steel tube... "SOCOMguy". I have a couple of tubes ready to ship. Search here on the forum for discussion and references. More info and contact at [email protected] Joe
  11. Like was said , this topic comes up once and a while... here is the dope. Steel (my steel FL tube) 8.8 oz , with a full 7 rds = 23.8 oz. TI tube about 5.7 oz , with a full 7 rds = 20.7 oz. If you want a quality steel one , I have a couple ready to ship [email protected] Joe
  12. My apologies if you took it that way... I've been a member here for years and have engaged in many "discussions" on the topic of FL tubes, If you go back and search you will not find one derogatory comment by me about any of the other FL tube suppliers... especially KIP's , he is the premo supplier of TI tubes. Nothing wrong with giving the OP guy some info and options. Regards , no hard feelings Joe B
  13. If you want a high quality steel FL tube, you can have it in the mail tomorrow morning. I'm still around and have a few of tubes ready. For more info.... [email protected]
  14. I use Diamondkote , matte black on my FL mag tubes, it is a very good match to the black on the M4, both in color and sheen. Diamondkote is a darn tough finish too. I use M and R Arms Specialties here in Michigan ( mrarms.com) for all of my coating work. Joe
  15. For some, "don't mind after market" might not be the issue... for 922r considerations my tubes are marked "USA" I would guess that Kips are as well. Joe
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