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  1. I do not do my own coating, don't know what code the coater shop uses. Joe
  2. Definitely one of my tubes. I have a small shop operation, limited quantity, high quality. Helping a few guys on this forum with reasonable price tube is good .... enriching a shady third party, not good! Joe
  3. I'm still here... 7 rd tube next day, do a search here for info [email protected] Joe
  4. Philo, search around this site, there is another option... M4 Magazine Tube Titanium option - Benelli - Benelli USA Forums [email protected] Joe
  5. The NJ Special ... I just found a photo of the one that I made for the guy in New Jersey
  6. In NJ, I had been told that there was a 6 round limit to the mag capacity. In fact several years ago, I guy in NJ asked me to make him a one round extension that replaced the Benelli "dummy" extension.... this I did. I called it the "New Jersey Special". Joe
  7. I can't tell you about the CC tube, but you can see the color match on one of my steel tubes ... search the Jan 19 post " M4 Mag Tube Titanium option" .. nice pix Joe
  8. As many know I'm still here and still making high quality 4130 thin wall steel 7 rd tubes. I may have been the first to make a USA aftermarket tube, been at it for over 15 years now. My tubes weigh 8.8 oz and are done in Cerakote , color is "armorer black" which is a match to the other black on your M4. Recently have done a couple in Cerakote "Titanium silver" which customers report is a very good match to the later H20. ... I'm still here at [email protected] Joe
  9. I'm on the market for the benelli m4 H20 titanium cerakote 7round magazine extension please email me at [email protected]

  10. While we are talking about tube weights.. the Socomguy thin wall steel 7 rd tube weighs 8.8 oz. . I wonder what kind of "heavy weight" stuff the OEM tube is made of at 10.5 oz.., pipe? Joe B
  11. Yes I'm still here. I've been making these for 15 years now... and have another small batch of high quality steel mag tubes finished , CeraKoted ready to ship... no delay , will be in the mail the same or next day. Contact at [email protected]
  12. Ref back to near the top of the thread... Thanks "Stranger" for the always good info, buy you forgot me ... "7. Full length magazine tube (Briley/Carriercomp/FFT/Dave’s Metalwork)" socomguy, been making and selling FL light weight 4140 steel tubes for about 16 years now with 100 % customer satisfaction. I pretty much originated the "US" made 7 rd FL tube back then. Volume is small but quality high. I have a few ready to ship, next day in the mail. ... [email protected] Joe B
  13. Birdog, thanks for posting that weight list, good info. You might want to add my Socomguy 4130 (thinwall) steel tube, only weighs 8.8 oz. I wonder whit kind of "pipe" the other heavy steel tube is made of? This from an old post here when the subject of weight came up … Like was said , this topic comes up once and a while... here is the dope. Steel (my 4130 Cr-Mo steel FL tube) 8.8 oz , with a full 7 rds = 23.8 oz. TI tube about 5.7 oz , with a full 7 rds = 20.7 oz. If you want a quality steel one , I have a couple ready to ship [email protected] Joe Joe
  14. I'm still around after 15 years at this and have a couple of FL steel tubes ready to ship... do a search here for references. Or e mail themalt @ hotmail.com Joe
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