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  1. Someone mentioned the "green stuff" ... be careful with the green loctite, this is the very low viscosity wicking grade designed to be applied after fastener installation... I suspect that it can creep into places that you may not like.... maybe? Joe B
  2. Hello all. I can't find the post that included the weights of al lot of the components and add- ons for Benelli. I have a note that shows... posted by "birdog19" on or about 5/13/20. Tried searching and came up dry. Joe
  3. Good luck with the stripping, I think that you will be doing the media blasting. I make a few 7 rd steel mag tubes and have them cerakoted by a professional shop. I once had to strip a coated tube, tried all kinds of chemicals, with no luck. I even soaked the tube in a very strong lye solution for a week and the coating didn't even budge. Properly applied, CeraKote is might tough stuff. Joe B
  4. Hi all, anyone looking for a silver colored 7 rd steel mag tube? I have one that was to be a custom for a customer, then no go! It's my usual high quality steel tube Cerakoted in a bright silver color. The photo shows it next to one of my H2O Ceralote tubes for comparison. It's pretty "bright" silver. Contact here or at [email protected] Joe
  5. Cerakote when properly applied is an amazingly durable finish. It's also very thin, so thin that the coating does not obliterate even the finest markings and engravings. There is no fit problem with the coating on the threads of mag tubes, for example. Joe
  6. Always appreciate tutorials from StrangerDanger... well written, accurate and informative. Thank you... Reading through this thread again something occurred to me... why green thread locker? With the need to index (clock) the parts for proper alignment the usual thread lockers (red/ blue) could be a problem. The green stuff "Locktite #290" is a wicking type, designed to be applied AFTER assembly. Just a thought... Joe B
  7. I do not do my own coating, don't know what code the coater shop uses. Joe
  8. Definitely one of my tubes. I have a small shop operation, limited quantity, high quality. Helping a few guys on this forum with reasonable price tube is good .... enriching a shady third party, not good! Joe
  9. I'm still here... 7 rd tube next day, do a search here for info [email protected] Joe
  10. Philo, search around this site, there is another option... M4 Magazine Tube Titanium option - Benelli - Benelli USA Forums [email protected] Joe
  11. The NJ Special ... I just found a photo of the one that I made for the guy in New Jersey
  12. In NJ, I had been told that there was a 6 round limit to the mag capacity. In fact several years ago, I guy in NJ asked me to make him a one round extension that replaced the Benelli "dummy" extension.... this I did. I called it the "New Jersey Special". Joe
  13. I can't tell you about the CC tube, but you can see the color match on one of my steel tubes ... search the Jan 19 post " M4 Mag Tube Titanium option" .. nice pix Joe
  14. As many know I'm still here and still making high quality 4130 thin wall steel 7 rd tubes. I may have been the first to make a USA aftermarket tube, been at it for over 15 years now. My tubes weigh 8.8 oz and are done in Cerakote , color is "armorer black" which is a match to the other black on your M4. Recently have done a couple in Cerakote "Titanium silver" which customers report is a very good match to the later H20. ... I'm still here at [email protected] Joe
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