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  1. Benelli has deals with their distributors and dealerships. I've never seen a Benelli dealer contract with my own eyes but have heard from multiple FFLs that in that contract it says Benelli has the right to tell the dealership which models they can sell to LEO only. Ive also heard being a Benelli dealer is expensive because of a minimum buy-in and stock-keeping req. Of course there is no police force to enforce this so lots of Benelli dealerships sell whatever to whoever. Some states have laws about the collapsible stocks. I don't know what the deal with 922 is these days but it used to be imp
  2. I'll back this up too, bought my first one 11 or so years ago and just put another on a new 11707 and the fit is perfect (finish too). They are basically flawless (wish I could say the same about my new m4).
  3. Thank you bambam for understanding industry and consistency. The color itself isn't as big of an issue, its a redflag that they're not doing what they used to nor are they notifying end users or dealers. When looking at the company overall that is eyebrow raising.
  4. Love how the same dumbasses are acting like this is some cosmetic flaw and not a sign of a business operation not only having a quality control issue with color on a ver expensive item but not getting that if one thing is wrong, other things are possibly wrong. If these assclowns ordered a black corvette and got a blue corvette, Im sure they'd be sining a different tune. And if Chevy was like "oh we just have some variances in the color dept" people would not be letting it slide. It means they messed up somewhere with the anodizing process. It has nothing to do with the usmc, All the M4s I've
  5. hey brother, thanks for the reply, that is the awesome response i was fishing for! yea its funny to think over a decade ago we were trying to figure out the differences between the military m1014s and the 2500 of those they let the public have and we were circling a petition around the different forums to get a company to make an usa collapsible stock and emailing back and forth with atf. i still have a link to the petition in my signature haha. its super F'ing sad that benelli let this garbage ship out from their country, I dont know what those damn spaghetti heads are up to but their factory
  6. military service is irrelevant here unless you worked with this shotgun during that time, just showing you have nothing to contribute to this thread so go troll elsewhere. its sad to not only see benelli has gone downhill but these forums are not helping a recent purchaser with a good point of contact or anything. its a little weird nobody has said something like "call mark over at cs in delaware" or something to that extent. im gonna blindly call the website numbers and since nobody here seems to care much about interacting with the manufacturer or the supply chain coming from italy i gu
  7. hey man, i remember you from way back when, good to see you still active around here. do you have a rep that you worked with. im at a loss where to start probably having to exchange an entire 11707. a name and a number for somebody whos a hard worker and cares about customers would be rad.
  8. thanks for proving you cant read butch. its super helpful to get catty responses when the factory is shipping out garbage. are you a 14 year old girl? ive been on this forum for a decade + ive probably had my first 11707 for longer than youve been able to legally buy guns. serious benelli guys...what is up with the factory. i talked to the dealer i got it from he said the whole batch was blue and they are waiting on word back from benelli. the finest combat shotgun ever built left the factory with a crooked rear sight. thats pathetic. who here has dealt with these issues, or had to wo
  9. When I was working at a gun shop a long time ago 10+ year I remembered our benelli tactical guns coming assembled already, but again my memory might be getting the best of me. I dont remember if we were a dealer or just a distributor. I actually like the look of the blue. My problem is that I did not order a blue gun and I cant understand how ordering a black gun and getting a blue one should be ok on any level. It shows a huge quality control issue and an even bigger customer service issue. How much do you have to hate your customers to be all "oh well ship it anyways" ?!?! Are they bein
  10. Jaason0, I am f**king BITTER too man! I just went to the FFL today and not only is my new 11707 blue, and has a plastic trigger guard but its also in the box disassembled. I guess they don't ship them assembled anymore. The first two things are a serious issue, the fact that I have to put it together just makes it feel like those Italian bastards are over there laughing at me for spending 2 grand + on their garbage. How could Benelli possibly miss this? Like, oh well blue is close enough to black...ship it anyways WTF?!?!?! This is unacceptable. How is there not outrage or a recall??
  11. its a great first gun. Before upgrading it at all, take the 1500 youre about to spend on all your planned upgrades and buy semi auto rifles. even if you live in california, get a fixed magazine (modified) ar type 556/762 rifle. there will be another ban under joe/harris and anybody who isnt stocking up on rifles and magazines, is going to regret it. especially if they are shedding tears over a custom custom paint job with nice optics wishing in retrospect that money would have gone to more guns while they had the chance. So yes, you do need 8 ar15s right now. they will get you a new car AND mo
  12. now i feel like a cheap used up whore that skipped the first day of college classes to try meth for the first time.
  13. i hate to say it but im actually having buyers remorse. i just spent an about 700 more on a new 11707 than on my first one to get a plastic trigger guard and lower quality control? why is there not uproar about this here and all over the net? why is benelli putting out dogshit now? does anybody make good guns these days?
  14. jesus christ, why plastic trigger guard? tell me the new 11707 i just bought wont come like this? why would they mess with anything else, this makes some stuff incompatible between the new 1014 and m4s then right? are any of these thing issues between new and old m4s? this is dizzying.
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