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  1. it will be awesome to see him bust the same clays with a gun a 1/6th of the cost
  2. thank god. **** all you ******** that were rippin people off left and right. if i had an ffl, id have gotten em for the whole damn forum at cost just cause its the right ******* thing to do.
  3. honestly im with KB theres no good reason these things should be ******* FLAWLESS you can blah blah blah about how i dont know **** about the mfg process (even though i used to have a bike parts co.) or whatever... BUT the bottom line is its not MY company people are disappointed in...its Mesa and Benelli. **** Benelli for having an overpriced weapons system, with a ****** stock. And **** them up their stupid arses even more for not selling those collapsable stocks to civis. theyre shatheads for that one! That being said, the M4 is the best shotgun around, there are no bet
  4. PG13 llllllaaaaaaaammmmeeeee
  5. the modified choke is not tight enough for coyote shots?
  6. LOLFUKYES! See I live in California part time, so I get to see the Tards of the Tards out here. Last IPSC i shot there was 3 dqs for dropped pistolz.
  7. THE absolute hands down best way to do a slug changeover is: NUMBA 1: Make sure the chamber is unoccupied to avoid doubledeckers NUMBA 2:Make sure you have actually grabbed A SLUG and not jus sommo bkshot NUMBA 3:Make absolutely sure SLUG does not go in BACKWARDZZZZ NUMBA 4:Have you been scannnnning your surrrroundings...? NUMBA 5: Do not jump back on target too quick or SLUG may FALL OUT of chamber before action closes
  8. id say 80+ship now that the mesas are out. ima be sellin mine too.
  9. thats soooooo ******* juicy. thats a ******* murderer. a real ******* haji reality check though bloooood.
  10. dont fret amigo! the mob is just pms'ing. youre right 100% percent dood. these things cost too much to not work the first time through the last last time no matter what. hunting aside, and i cannot speak for nelly's huntin guns, to have a defensive line that is so sensitive is crazy to me! i love my m4 and it is one of my favorite pieces to shoot but i really question its value in a warzone or a shtf ordeal cuz you cant just grab a box of paki muhho-mad-mart 12g or use wolf steel or whatever you stumble upon in a hurrikaiiiiiinnnneee!!!!! i got a glock in a pancake in my nelly case with i
  11. no mo prop 8 so me and my nelli getting hitched!
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