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  1. haha awesome. heres why though, i bought this in kalifornia, so it was a matter of 1-overpaying for it on gunbroker, 2- shipping it in, 3-having to travel to a store (theres only a handful in each county in CA, theyre not on every other block like in red states) and wait in a two hour line to do an hour of initial paperwork, 4-waiting 10 days, 5-going back to the shop to pick it up, 6-finding overpriced ammo, 7-going through a costly ammo background check, 8- finding somewhere to shoot (theres basically zero placers to shoot in CA), (all of this highly taxed mind you)9-ULTIMATELY DISCOVERING ITS NOT JUST UGLY BUT ITS A POS. Yes before any stupid buttholes come and say those arent benellis issues, i know. i am only mad at benelli for the POS gun, I am explaining this to you sir EVO so you understand that it wasnt just an easy matter of walk in, buy the thing walk out, shoot it in the parking lot, walk back in and swap it like it is for me here in NV. For many people in the US, we live in police states that are not free and where buying and shooting a gun is a life altering difficulty. this is why im extra salty, yes. If had bought it here in NV, it would have gone back to the dealer same day and the whole thing would have taken less than 30 minutes. just fyi.
  2. The finish issue is really just a symptom of the degradation of their quality. On of these is 10 years old, has almost 10,000 rounds of all sorts of ammo through it and still goes bang every freaking time having only been cleaned maybe 3 times, machining still looks precise and hand fitted on the inside, one of these is a shoddy POS with a plastic trigger guard and crappy uneven machining on the internals and got to me with all sorts of bizzare marring and finish wear on the inside and has fail-to-feed and fail-to-eject no matter what i do to it. Fuck this company. I'll still collect older guns but the people here in the US and over in Italy have gone to shit and they push guns off movies like john wick rather than their military reputation. I mean even just compare the engraving its disgusting how obvious the difference in effort is. Pathetic and shameful.
  3. Isn't it awesome buying a 2000 dollar piece of trash from these italian assholes... these internals are looking worse by the day, I swear. Benelli is a toilet company now. This is shameful.
  4. I got a call from a Benelli USA rep. According to them: The blue oopsies are not a special run, they are just something that happens every so often, since their production is way up, we are just seeing more of them in the wild. There should be no correlation between the blues and the ones that are having QC issues. Just as more blues are making it out into the public, more QC issues are naturally getting out there as well. They will swap your bluey for a black one if you wish. I find this to be a reasonable and acceptable response. I have decided to run another 500-1000 rounds through my gun and if it continues to have firing issues or anything I was welcomed to swap it out for a new one. I also found this to be reasonable. The rep was stout and firm about there needding to be no "break in" period. My first m4 had no break in needed and has run like a champ. I will post updates if I continue to have function problems with my bluey.
  5. ill post mine next time im at my gun locker. i plan to take it out and just bust the fuck out of it blowing thousands of dollars of buckshot. if it doesnt run like a champ after that its going back to the spaghetti heads.
  6. The color is not the problem at all. I have said I prefer the blue. THE BLUE MEANS THE ITALIANS F'D UP BIG TIME. The company is trying to bury it but it means their QC was all bad and there are other issues. I have an m4 from over I bougt over a decade ago with zero problems besides my add ons, I thinnk I had maybe 8 jams in over 15,000 rounds of every type of ammo imaginable. Out of the box, no bullshit break ins and minimal cleaning. My new blue POS has the same marrings you can see in another thread on someone else's gun and the sight is slightly crooked and what do you know...? It only runs buck and slugs even after a good lubing. For 2 grad I want it to go bang every goddam time from the factory. If I ordered a black ducati and I got a blue ducati. I would be freaking pissed. You would be too, so the assholes on here acting like its nothing are retarded. How many other aspects of your life do you let a mess up this bad just fly? Like you wanted a wife with a full set of teeth but settled on just a few? I'll bet the same dbag bootlickers who think the color isnt a sign of a bigger issue throw huge fits if they order a pouch in multicam and get some other camo. Think about quality control and a company that sends our country trash thats "meh, good enough, the americans wont notice" have some dignity. no freelancer, not aimed at you and yes i understand exactly what you are saying and yes, these fuck up guns might be worth big money some day, but not if they dont RUN like an m4 should. I wanted a gun that works as an investment in my safety, not an investment in my financial future.
  7. Benelli has deals with their distributors and dealerships. I've never seen a Benelli dealer contract with my own eyes but have heard from multiple FFLs that in that contract it says Benelli has the right to tell the dealership which models they can sell to LEO only. Ive also heard being a Benelli dealer is expensive because of a minimum buy-in and stock-keeping req. Of course there is no police force to enforce this so lots of Benelli dealerships sell whatever to whoever. Some states have laws about the collapsible stocks. I don't know what the deal with 922 is these days but it used to be impossible to get the full capacity models from Italy to the states unless they were for LEO, especially with the collapsible stocks. Lots of gun shops that call themselves "LEO" dealers will buy "LEO only" models from Benelli distributors and hawk them to the gen pop. anyhow just because they can and they know nobody is going to regulate.
  8. I'll back this up too, bought my first one 11 or so years ago and just put another on a new 11707 and the fit is perfect (finish too). They are basically flawless (wish I could say the same about my new m4).
  9. Thank you bambam for understanding industry and consistency. The color itself isn't as big of an issue, its a redflag that they're not doing what they used to nor are they notifying end users or dealers. When looking at the company overall that is eyebrow raising.
  10. Love how the same dumbasses are acting like this is some cosmetic flaw and not a sign of a business operation not only having a quality control issue with color on a ver expensive item but not getting that if one thing is wrong, other things are possibly wrong. If these assclowns ordered a black corvette and got a blue corvette, Im sure they'd be sining a different tune. And if Chevy was like "oh we just have some variances in the color dept" people would not be letting it slide. It means they messed up somewhere with the anodizing process. It has nothing to do with the usmc, All the M4s I've shot before including the one I've owned for over a decade are dark black. So they obviously F'd up and the bootlickers here aren't helping./ Jason, how does the inside of the receiver look? Are the sights straight? Does the saftey engage positively, how does every other aspect of this overpriced gun seem? If I'm going to buy a firearm the number one thing I want is a quality, properly constructed and fabricated weapon that gives me confidence that someone put in some effort into the build. Even if its just cosmetic, a company this well known and this "elite" or "top shelf" should have sent out a fucking memo that they screwed up or changed a process along the line.
  11. hey brother, thanks for the reply, that is the awesome response i was fishing for! yea its funny to think over a decade ago we were trying to figure out the differences between the military m1014s and the 2500 of those they let the public have and we were circling a petition around the different forums to get a company to make an usa collapsible stock and emailing back and forth with atf. i still have a link to the petition in my signature haha. its super F'ing sad that benelli let this garbage ship out from their country, I dont know what those damn spaghetti heads are up to but their factory oompa loompas screwed the pooch badly. for a goddam 2000+ dollar tool it better be flawless. someone over at ar15.com got theirs with crooked sights too. unacceptable tragedy. thanks again.
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