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  1. I personally do no buy the "new anodize" process for the USMC. Hard anodizing is a MIL-A-8625, type III, class 2, finish which has been used on M16 receivers for many years. This is a problem with the dye process and/or the anodizing not being as thick as necessary to dye properly, or the post dye sealing process. They don't want to be having to redo a bunch of receivers so they make up some story. They may have changed from type I or II to type III hard anodizing and probably have not got the process dialed in properly to produce the jet black finish. Also if they were doing a new process for the USMC then they most likely would not be doing it for all the receivers, only the USMC contract receivers. Someone should find out exactly what the USMC is specifying for the new finish.
  2. That is just the rubber covering for the buttstock. I believe the OP wants the complete grip for the collapsible stock.
  3. Cam pin could be or the hole that the cam pin goes into. Many variables.
  4. New in box Mesa Urbino Tactical stock with adjustable cheek riser and Limbsaver recoil pad. Counts as 1 USA made part for 922r compliance. $150 shipped. Thanks for looking.
  5. Link to Numrich They are presently out of stock of the pistol grip.
  6. Holy cow. Ben Dover.
  7. I would avoid using any solvent that will remove copper fouling with bronze brushes as it will eat them up.
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