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  1. Yep my black tube matches mine equally well....this guy knows what he's doing and his price and customer service is un-beatable.
  2. I just made a post related to SOCOMguy....I agree for the money his tubes are absolutely the best.....I own a CC Ti tube and the weight savings is not noticeable to me.....The price and shipping times are however.....I had my tube in less than a week after I paid him and it was more than 100 cheaper......no brainer to me.
  3. To anyone that is on the fence about Socom guys tube vs CC, or FFT. I will say that Im a customer of Socom guy for life.......his tube is absolutely flawless. Who cares if its steel. the weight savings with Ti is not even noticeable.....I own both his and a CC tube. The finish on Socom guys is an exact match. His price is at least 100 better......and he shipped me one in about 3 days......to me no brainer.
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