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  1. Steve, I've seen a few images of them, but never seen one for sale. Figured they were discontinued 😕 Also, if anybody has a Nordic one, can you confirm that there is no sling mount on it? Thanks
  2. Hey, I'm trying to find some extension mag tubes for my super vinci. I've seen some from I'm assuming Benelli (midwestgunworks ~$370 for +3 and ~$345 for +2) and Nordic Components (OpticsPlanet ~$170 for the "nut" itself, but I already have a +2 Nordic tube), but are there any others out there? If not, does anybody have one or can recommend the cheapest place to get one from? Thank y'all.
  3. i dont own a sbe2 but own the supernova and ive shot a good 250 rnds(200 2 3/4 #7.5 bird and 50 2 3/4 1oz slugs) one day and it never gave me a bruise (sore shoulder, but no bruise) so i dont think that should be much of an issue.. never had any problems with the gun either..
  4. haha i never baby it except sometimes trap shooting after my turn is over for that set (we do a 1-2-2 and switch turns for each set then rotate after everyone does all 3 sets and repeat.. probably what most places do)
  5. roughly 200 in my supernova since i got it in december
  6. not 100% i get what you're saying, but sometimes i have to slam my pump back in order for it to load the next round in. try that maybe?
  7. i know ours are still pretty relaxed compared to other countries but ours are starting to get pretty bad
  8. ive actually been wondering if it was possible to make the gun similar to an m3.. basically take the m3s inners and put it all in the supernova's shell.. not sure if ill ever actually get around to starting that project or if itll just stay on "paper" but ive been thinking about it and how i would do it for the past 2 months.. also need to come up with the money for it too
  9. not always reusable.. ive had quite a few arrows bend on me somehow
  10. Alpengeist

    FS: Ammo

    roughly how much is shipping?
  11. nice.. think youll rebuild another m4?
  12. you cant upload images directly from your computer to forums. you need to use something like http://www.imageshack.us or http://www.tinypic.com and get the url and then post it or embed it and welcome to the forums
  13. if i had the money i'd take you up on that offer, but money is too tight right now
  14. no problem, glad i could help. enjoy your new supernova. you wont be disappointed.
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