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  1. Heh...I have two that I bought at $500 a few years back
  2. Sidearmor can pretty much custom fab items as well (e.g. 6mm center cut on the short rail)...
  3. Fine, fine...Updated asking price on a brand new (unopened and unadulterated) SureShell 6-shell...
  4. One (1) new and unused Mesa Tactical SureShell shotshell carrier with support for six shells. This is the current 90880 version with updated receiver screws. Asking $65.00 USD shipped across the United States via USPS Parcel Post FRAGILE w/ Delivery Confirmation. Please provide address information for international sales as USPS First-Class International rates (typically an additional $15.00 USD) will apply for shipping out of the United States. PayPal is the preferred form of payment. Status: SOLD
  5. For some reason I can only envision that saddle getting snagged on something when least expected . Been rolling with the SureShell 6 for the past few years (I'm putting a brand new unit up for sale shortly)...
  6. Nice bandolier. If only the CC rail supported the Mod 2 Sidearmor shell holder. I'm holding out for a center cut Sidearmor short rail unless CC can come up with something to accomodate the Mod 2 holder...
  7. Tough crowd...How about $65 USD shipped across the United States via USPS First-Class .
  8. One (1) MEPROLIGHT ML-34302 tritium ghost ring night sight system for Benelli M1 (Super 90), M4 (Super 90), Nova and & SuperNova shotguns. These sights have never been mounted (front sight threads are untouched) and were purchased as backups to an existing set. The finish is factory imperfect (rear ghost ring sight appears to have been installed, though it has not) and is in the exact same condition as was when purchased in early 2010. Asking $75 USD shipped across the United States via USPS First-Class . Status: SOLD
  9. My FAB rail is just sitting in a box right now...
  10. Is that how much they are going for these days? I have been away too long and I have two of those collapsible puppies, one LNIB and the other, NIB. Yes...
  11. Diabolus: $850 ? I got you covered on this one as I would be willing to let one go for $1150 . Anyone? Muhahahaha...
  12. The IPSC guys at my local range all shoot 2K+ Berettas. I believe $1800 was the base entry price for one of those beauties.
  13. Former member here. Would rather put my money towards a Polarion CSWL these days. Sorry, NRA !
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