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  1. Also included are the original sights, mag. tube and the handguards.
  2. Withdrawn WTS a virtually new Benelli M4-it has had less than 50 shells fired through it. This one has all the good stuff already done to it. It has the factory Benelli 3 position collapsible stock; Benelli extended mag. tube; Mesa Tactical 6 round side saddle; Meprolight tritium night sights (rear "ghost ring" and front post), the awesome Brugger & Thomet M4 Quad Rail Handguard (model BT21353) with stardard Picatinny rails; front sling attachment; it comes with original box, warranty card, Benelli oil, original Benelli hand guards, cylinder bore wrench and a BlackBore Tactical muzz
  3. Along those same lines, regarding recoil, I've not yet fired my M2 Tactical with the Comfortech stock. Will the Comfortech stock tame the recoil to an appreciable degree? Or, is it a minimal improvement or, gasp, just an option that costs more? HTS
  4. I got very lucky with the MR1, I got it via a "no reserve" auction on Gunbroker for $960.00. I have not bought an M4 yet, but on Monday I did pick up an M2 tactical with the Comfortech stock, ghost ring sights, tritium inserts, an extended mag. tube and the larger charging handle. I did not get a good deal on it, but it looked so good, I had to buy it.
  5. I picked up the new MR1 yesterday. Of course, it comes with the fore end and barrel off. Even after reading the manual, I can't get the barrel on. I may be being too timid, not wanting to force anything, but I can't get it to line up and fit in place. This is my first Benelli of any sort. Is there some trick to this that I'm missing?
  6. Thank you, I may take you up on that. I intend to keep it very clean. I like to clean my guns within 24 hours of shooting them and this one will be no different. Now, I just need to get an M4 to keep the MR1 company in the gun safe. HTS
  7. I found a pretty sweet deal on a MR1 on Gunbroker, and I could not resist. It is on its way to my gunshop. I am anxious to give it a try. I know that most people either love the way it looks or hate it, but I think it looks futuristic - which I like. This is my first Benelli (I did have a Franchi), so I am looking forward to getting it. HTS
  8. I tried to find the names of the moderators to ask permission to do this post, but I could not find them. For purposes of full disclosure: I am selling some of my shotguns to buy Benelli shotguns. So, while theses two shotguns are not "Benelli" shotguns, the proceeds will be used to buy a Benelli so this topic does, at least in a round about way, relate to Benelli products. So, as with my I-12 post, if the moderators do not want this listing, due to the content, and choose to delete it, I understand. With that caveat: WTS: WTS two Remington 870 Express "tactical" pump shotguns.
  9. I must be the odd man out. I like the camo. But all things being equal, I would buy a black one for less money if I had the choice.
  10. I think much of my difficulty has been caused by the holidays. Several of the companies/stores on line which sell the gun have been closed, or their computerized inventory system shows in stock inventory but in reality, their data is out of date. Maybe Monday will bring better results. I guess I was just surprised to find not one Nova H2O listed on Gunbroker, Gunsamerica or Auction Arms. HTS
  11. They have a version which he said was all black. I did not realize that there was such a version. I want the version with the stainless steel colored barrel. I may drop back ten yards and punt on the idea of an H2O and buy a supernova tactical. I'm not sure. Thanks.
  12. Thanks, I will give them a call tomorrow or Monday. HTS
  13. I want to buy a new Benelli Nova H2O. I have searched the internet high and low (and in between). I cannot find one in stock. Can anyone suggest where I might find this elusive shotgun? Thanks, HTS
  14. Greeting: I have some tactical shotguns, which I enjoy. Only this week have I "discovered" the other end of the shotgun spectrum. That is, the nicer, wood and engraved, higher end, semi-automatics. Now, I have no use, or need, for such a shotgun, but I really like how they look. I would like to buy one, with a top end of the budget at about $1,400.00 simply to add to my modest collection. Of course, while admittedly it will be a safe queen, I want the best gun for my money. I am just now starting my research on these guns, however I would appreciate any advise or suggestions as to w
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