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  1. Thanks for the note guys, I'll have to find someone with more shotgun experience to show me what I'm doing wrong. I am surprised to hear that prices in other parts of the country are much lower. I bought this in December of 2009 for $1200 and didn't expect to see such a drop in retail. More practice is clearly needed.
  2. back to the top - surely this will fit someone better than it does me.
  3. back to the top and on the market again.
  4. I got this M2 at Christmas time and after running a box of shells through it I have to say it is just not my cup of tea. That box consisted of a mixture of 00 and #7.5, all 2 3/4 and they all ran perfectly. It also shoots exactly where I aim it. So if someone out there, preferably in Georgia wants an almost new M2 Tactical (Comfortech stock, standard sights, three chokes, box, etc.) it is for sale for $1,100. I've still got to figure out how to post pics here but you all know what they look like. FTF would be preferable. Well, I've had it back to the shop, got the stock adjusted to me and it still kicks the @#$% out of me. So it is back on the market. $1,000
  5. Hostile, I should have added that my tactical has the comfortech stock. My expectations were high and thus far unfulfilled. I hope that adjusting the stock shims makes a difference.
  6. Just picked up a new M2 Tactical and got it out to an outdoor range for a quick familiarization and patterning. The weather was lousy, the targets soggy, so I really didn't get a good feel for POA/POI. That will have to wait for better weather and an open field, rather than a restricted target range. However, what I was most anxious to test out was just how it "felt". At the shop where I picked it up we talked about the stock adjustments and I am aware that stock fit is important to how a shotgun handles. The stock spacers probably do need to be changed. As I mount the gun, either with eyes open or closed the sights are not lining up properly. The question is this - how much should this affect the fit and feel? And the reason I ask is that the recoil was awful! It punched me in the shoulder and cheek much more so than with my Remington 870. I know it's not a gas gun but somehow I was expecting a bit better or softer feel. I was really, really anxious to get this gun after saving up a long time and now feel really let down. So tell me, will stock fit make that much difference or were my expectations way off?
  7. I am in the market for a home defense shotgun and just saw the Nova Pump for the first time. Can a civilian get an 18.5" bbl or are we limited to 24" minimum? Also, what about the 2 round tube extension?
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