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  1. Well had a great weekend redhead hunt. 34 redheads 1 mallard 1 bluebill and a sad grouse hunt 2 sharptails
  2. My dad has a 1100 3 inch chamber and is long as you keep it oiled very well then it will eject 2 3/4 shells. Get well Soon Snow gooser
  3. Wll let's try this again.
  4. shane19

    Weekend hunt

    All i have to say is that blake has shown our limits in manitoba. which we did not go over, treaty card or not. We don't have mallard limits only bird limits.
  5. TUCKER you are so pathetic. LOL don't brag about going over your limit, Oh cry me a river so i can hunt ducks in it you little girl.
  6. You know i don't understand why they don't allow you to kill more birds. I honestly think that the waterfowl are over populated. Our limit here in Manitoba is 5 canada geese but as you can see i don't let a number interfear with my hunt. I usually shoot till i feel that is enough birds to clean for one day.
  7. shane19

    Weekend hunt

    It is also hard to tell the difference when the drakes are not mature yet and it is raining so IF IT FLIES IT DIES!!!!!!
  8. Went out Sautrday morning Sept 23 by myself and shot 9 canada's 2 snow's and a lonely duck.
  9. shane19

    Weekend hunt

    We hunt for food not for sport like alot of you guys so it doesn't matter what they are they all taste the same.
  10. black synthetic stock, SBE I, very good condition Benelli USA.
  11. Sunday September 17 2006 44 Mallards 20 Snow geese 7 Canada geese 8 praire chickens
  12. shane19

    Weekend hunt

    WTF????????????? www.photobucket.com www.photobucket.com www.photobucket.com
  13. shane19

    Weekend hunt

    web page web page 176.jpg]web page[/url]
  14. shane19

    Weekend hunt

    Sorry that didn't work i will try again
  15. Sunday Morning 44 Sallards 20 Snow geese 7 Canada geese 8 Praire chickens Successful morning hunt [/img] [/img] [/img]
  16. I have a Lucky Duck and I will use it for three hunts before i charge it. The battery has never died on me and i don't have a remote for it either so it will run all morning or evening whenever i go hunting. Really impressed.
  17. Well i found a used SBE today for $1100 canadian. I didn't get to shoot the gun but i held it and it was very comfortable and light. My question is, Is $1100 canadian a decent price? If not what is? Does anyone know of a good place to find a SBE or SBEII at a decent price?
  18. Benelli Super Black Eagle II Semi Auto 12 Ga 3 1/2” Shotgun-Advantage Max 4 Camo ComforTech Stock Newly redesigned for 2004, the Super Black Eagle II is unmatched with its innovative new technological features. The only thing that hasn’t changed from it’s predecessors is the time proven inertia-recoil system that has been proven to digest different ammunition types flawlessly. The new ComforTech system reduces recoil up to 48% over competitive brands without adding any moving parts or weight. Muzzle climb is reduced by 15% for faster follow up shots and allows you to stay on target. The new trigger guard offers 30% more space for a sure trigger feel no matter how heavy your gloves. The unique dimpled AirTouch grip surface is molded right into the stock and the newly designed for end offers a secure grip under the toughest conditions. The new Crio system freezes the barrel down to –300 F which produces a smoother bore that stays cleaner and offers less resistance to the wad and shot. The Crio Chokes are also cryogenically treated to produce up to 13% better pattern performance. Each gun comes with adjustable shims to adjust for both cast and drop of the stock for perfect alignment. Specifications: 12 Gauge, 31/2”chamber-(minimum recommended load is 3 dram, 1 1/8 oz 23/4” shell) 28” barrel, 5 Crio Chokes included (C,IC,M,IM,F) Weight: 7.3 lbs. Cat. No. 446012 Price: $ 1979.99
  19. LOL you guys sure get affended when someone says something bad about benelli. That is hillarious you swear you have shares in the company. And by the way i am from canada and the SBEII is $1900 on average.
  20. Well by the sounds of it most people like the benelli and don't have any trouble with them, however there are people who don't care for them. What i am looking for is a gun that i can rely on 100% and from the feedback i have just recieved about the benelli i am kinda leary to buy one.
  21. shane19

    R1 rifle

    What is a new R1 rifle worth?
  22. I heard from a number of different people haveing problems with their benelli's jamming when they use them in tough hunting conditions. They were having these problems after shooting a few boxes of shells or getting a piece of straw in them or even in rainy wheather. My question is, has anyone else have the same problem? I was just wondering because i am seriously considering a benelli but i do not want to have to put up with the headache of my $1500-2000 shotgun jammimg up.
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