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  1. I think that price is high you can buy an m2 for about $950-$1000. I just bought one for my wife last spring. And the gun I bought was lh and camo and still was under $1000.
  2. For Around $950 you can buy an M2 LH. Will do just fine for ducks. Just bought one for my wife this past spring.
  3. You Can hunt ducks now and Canada geese Opens tomorrow so it will be ok to have geese and duck decoys together. Thanks for the info.
  4. Will a mojo Mallard help when hunting geese?
  5. In my Manual it says 12 hours before initial use, 1.5 hours for every hour used thereafter or until battery reaches 7 volts.
  6. How long will the mojo run on a battery? does not say in the book that came with the mojo.
  7. In Vermont we have short seasons. And not alot of ducks we have to make each shot count. so we are always looking for a better duck load.
  8. Thanks I will try some this season.
  9. Has anyone used hevi Steel what are your thoughts?
  10. [ 04-06-2006, 08:28 PM: Message edited by: hooftrimmer 1 ]
  11. kicks chokes in the older style chokes are awsome .660
  12. I was told that is was not good for a kicks choke to shoot XR shells or hevi shot or HD shells. That they are meant for lead or copper plated shot only. is this true
  13. I use a trulock .665 with winchester #5s 3.5" This patterns well. Kicks is also making a choke for the sbeII I have one for my sbe I and it patterns awsome 35-40 hits in the kill zone at 40 yards. the kicks choke I have is .660. hope this will help.
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