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  1. I got my first bird of Alabamas season with the Nova this weekend...42 yards with Truglo choke and Remington Hevi's 3 "...Tore him up!!!!!!!!!!!!8" beard, 1 in spurs,
  2. Great, thats the choke I was told to get ,,,so I will thanks...I'll also try the 5's....I was in Kimball, Tn yesterday,,,we saw a Gobbler strutting in the snow off I-24.....
  3. I just shot mine using factory full choke. It sucked. I shot win extended #6 3 inch, had 2 kills but only 7 pellets hit, Hevi #6 3 inch 1 kill 8 pellets hit, also shot 3 half inch #6, 3 kills 6 pellets hit the bird...Yes I had 3 dead birds but I want more pellets hitting...all were at 40 yards...I guess I can try 5's but I think I'll try a different choke.............
  4. hey, I was going to get the same choke for mine.Have you shot it yet???
  5. Wow, that would be great....I just got the Nova , so i really dont know yet on the shot size. I guess 4 or 5's. I got the 26 inch barrel.......
  6. Could anyone recommend a good choke for Nova 12 gauge for turkey hunting
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