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  1. New to this forum using the screen name gretzfan. I can be reached through google mail using the prefix "shonsmail." If the 14" bbl. is available please contact me.

  2. Still trying to sell the 14" barrel. Awhile back everyone was looking for these and now not even an offer. It is a factory 14" barrel with a meprolight front sight. Also had the barrel refinished in a HK Black finish. Thank you.
  3. Not sure on how long it will take. There is alot of helpful info on ar.15.com I am looking to get at least 1500.00 for both barrel and receiver. If you noticed, the barrels are impossible to find. If anyone has a HK 416 upper, I would be willing to use this as trade value as well. Thanks
  4. This might help http://www.titleii.com/TitleII.com/Welcome.html
  5. Yes this can be transfered, but it is almost easier to buy a barrel, then register the shotgun you already have.
  6. You can remove an NFA item from the SBS status. I have removed a couple from NFA staus in the past.That is why I am going to sell the items separately, so there is no violations. Once the receiver is removed from the NFA registery, then I sell it like any other M4 receiver. The barrel by itself does not need to be registered NFA. If someone does buy the barrel and they aleady have a receiver, they better make sure they do a form 1 on their shotgun or keep the barrel at another location away from the receiver.
  7. Greetings, I am thinking of taking my Benelli M4 SBS and removing it from the NFA registery. I then would like to sell the barrel and receiver with bolt group. The weapon has been test fired only. The barrel has a meprolight front sight post and the receiver has the meprolight rear sights. I do not have a stock available. The barrel is a factory 14" and not a chop job. Selling the barrel for $1000.00 and the complete receiver for $500.00. Seeing that a new 18" barrel runs close to $900.00 and that you can't find a factory 14" barrel anywhere, I think its a fair deal. The receive
  8. Hello, I have a NIB stock for sale. I am asking 700.00 for it. Thank you.
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