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  1. Is this Mesa product a complete fixed stock or something you add to the Benelli stock? Thanks, Rick
  2. I have a Benelli M4 with the Collaspible stock and this is the only configuration I have shot the M4. I was wondering if the there is any difference in felt recoil if the m4 has the fixed stock? A friend of mine said the fixed stock has a recoil dampener inside the fixed stock that does give less recoil, can anyone support his claim? Any members here have shot the M4 with both stocks to compare? Thanks as always for your input. I do know that the collasping stock is just a metal part that goes right up against the recoil spring rod. Rick
  3. FMV is dictated by the consumer. It appears that the seller has a higher FMV for his stock than the buyers of this forum, or it would have sold by now. Without a firm asking price, it is up to the consumer to dictate what FMV is at this time. If I could buy as many stocks as I could at my agency price and sell them here to all, I would. But you know as well as anyone, those are restriced to one per officer(actually, one per ODW shotgun). I think we all know who the one trolling is here. Accepting offers is just what it implies. Rick
  4. There lies the problem, the seller never stated a price. Never even stated what a joke price would be, so don't slam people for $500.00 offers. Buyers can not read the mind of what the seller wants for his stock, if it is above $700.00 state so. Otherwise don't yell down to people "no stock for you" because he offered what he could spend. Cody is right, they are $175.00 parts. I got one from Benelli last year for $139.00 through my agency, but there was a price increase earlier this year. Yes, parts prices have always gone up for non-legal parts to civilians. But just tell they people what you want and you won't look like you do. Rick
  5. Found one for you, under $100.00 shipped. I PM'd you with the link and a question. Rick
  6. Unobtanium, I have tried 10 different ways to contact you and all have failed, I am a new guy. Could you please contact me at the below contacts, as I REALLY need one of these tubes. I can fax my Fed LEO creds to the man if it helps. Sorry to be so forum new in this matter, but I have A+ ratings at HKPRO. Thanks for any help. Capt. Rick Miller [email protected] Cell:352-455-8357
  7. I am waiting for my flt, and plan to use my stock spring. I will report back on what happens
  8. I had one and kept it stock except for a Streamlight light wich added no weight to speak of
  9. flya727

    Benelli Mascot/pic

    What will that pup look like grown up?
  10. Trying to contact you again via PM. Really need this! Thanks, Rick
  11. Hard to find item. wish I had one.
  12. I am working on getting some in, I will let you know.
  13. I have one and move it from host to host, A= all the way
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